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Increase your proficiency with EZ Suite certification

The functionality and numerous facets of Ytria's tools continue to deepen with each successive release. And since the very beginning, we've strived to provide end users like you with access to educational material in order to help you fully maximize your investment in Ytria tools (be it through online training, webcasts, or written articles).

That's why we've created the Ytria University Certification program.

The Ytria University Certification program is an advanced three-part course sequence that allows current Ytria users to perfect their EZ Suite skills. Completion of two out of three courses (2 hours each) is mandatory in order to obtain your status as a Ytria Certified Professional.

Whether you’re an admin or dev, these courses are chock full of insights into the deeper functions and processes that separate the novice from the Ytria-tool pro user.

Upcoming sessions

Session 1. EZPRO Core | Essentials for a solid understanding of EZ Suite

Required for administrators AND developers

  • Advanced scanEZ tips for administrators and developers
  • Detailed log and volume analysis with consoleEZ using real-life examples
  • A focus on signEZ's signer ID sharing and various batch capabilities
  • And more...

Session 2. EZPRO Dev | Advanced practices for modern application development

Required for developers, optional for administrators

  • Beautifying Notes client applications and managing action buttons & shared actions with actionBarEZ
  • Tricks to enforce view consistency with viewEZ
  • Unleashing the power of formulas and accelerating the application development lifecycle with scanEZ
  • And more...

Session 3. EZPRO Admin | Progressive methods for the complete administration arsenal

Required for administrators, optional for developers

  • Tightening security with group and role management with aclEZ
  • Best practices for hands-on database management thanks to databaseEZ
  • Reeling in and subduing rogue agents with agentEZ
  • Discovering, understanding, and resolving replication problems with replicationEZ
  • And more...