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Mass-scale Office 365 administration without the PowerShell


You don’t need to resort to complicated scripts to get a global view of your Office 365 tenant. sapio365 agglomerates all the data in your admin centers and gives you the ability to make bulk changes you actually see – all without coding.

Rearrange large volumes of data with filters, sorting and categorization. Analyze it with built-in tools to make sense of the data and export it with a click.

It’s your data, your way.

Easy to deploy and use

It’s as simple as downloading the executable file and signing-in with your Microsoft credentials.

Feature-rich interface – no coding!

Filter, sort, categorize the whole of your data, and use built-in analytics to make sense of it all.

Handles large data volumes

Use cached data to get your enormous quantity of groups or users in no time.

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sapio365 helps IT departments cut Office 365 administration time in half by providing increased data visibility, easier and faster troubleshooting, and governance that is granular and scalable.

Group governance

With so many group properties at your disposal, it’s a breeze to prevent group sprawl.
Run weekly tasks to keep your Teams tidy. Get notified with reports of ownerless groups, expiring groups, groups with anonymously shared documents, etc.


User onboarding & offboarding

Manage everything user-related in bulk when new folks join, or when they leave, take all the necessary security steps in one place.
You can change license assignments, replace them in groups they own, and make sure their documents and messages are accessible.


Document management & security

Assess how your users are sharing documents by looking at the permissions for every file in your tenant, and then by changing them - all in one place.
Since you have access to all documents, you can optimize your document storage by moving things around or by eliminating duplicates across site libraries or OneDrives.


Scheduled tasks

We’ve turned the rich features of sapio365 into macros or jobs. Use these shortcuts to get results faster or if you’re up to it, create some yourself!
Set up recurrent automated tasks to run in off-hours and get a report emailed to you. There are always new jobs being added based on user suggestions.


Multiple tenants

If you work with several tenants, you don’t need to sign out to switch between them. Your credentials are retained in an encrypted state on your machine.
Sign in to as many tenants as you need and continue working in each tenant concurrently. You can even run several instances of sapio365 side by side.


Rich role-based access control

Manually configuring the right access permissions for each individual user is inefficient and time-consuming.
You need the ability to customize these permissions at scale, based on your own unique parameters.
sapio365 lets you set permissions and access by role, rather than individual user.

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