How do I create a Cosmos DB account?

What is Cosmos DB?

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, database service, transparently replicating your data across any number of Azure regions.

Why we use Cosmos DB?

sapio365 uses Cosmos DB to securely store RBAC information and settings. This means all data remains secure within your Tenant ecosystem – Ytria has no access.

How do I create an Azure Cosmos DB account?

Before you start, you must have:

  1. An Azure account with
  2. an active subscription

In sapio365, go to About sapio365 > Set Cosmos DB Connection Info > Create New Cosmos DB Account. Once you’ve signed in using your credentials associated to the Azure subscription, select your subscription and resource group, and click ok. It may take a few minutes to create it.

Next, enter the subscription code that is located on your invoice below the cleverbridge reference number before clicking OK.

How do I delete Cosmos DB accounts created by sapio365?

Go to About sapio365 > Set Cosmos DB Connection Info > Delete accounts created by sapio365. Select the account you wish to delete. Copy the account name to your clipboard to paste in the confirmation dialog that follows, then click OK.

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