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sapio365 2.0 is based on 5 main unique value propositions combined into a modular and flexible platform


Microsoft 365 has rapidly gained substantial market share all over the world. It offers a great deal of power and flexibility to small and large organizations. At the same time, proper and efficient administration of M365 user base, especially large ones, is not always trivial.

For the past two years, we have listened, we have worked with customers, we have refined our products and their packaging to build a unique combination of power, modularity and affordability. sapio365 2.0, the ultimate platform for administrators of M365 user communities.

The 5 main unique value propositions

An unmatched access
to and visibility of ALL customer DATA

A comprehensive support for

A product configured to each CUSTOMER’S needs and only to their NEEDS

A focus on AUTOMATION:
“Automate what should be automated. Delegate what must be delegated.”

Complete SECURITY of customer data

Your problems. Our solutions. Your benefits!

The FlexyView Grid – 360 degree view of user data!

Provides global vision of your entire data set and powerful features to build quick custom reports, execute one-click bulk modifications and act as a gateway to many data set views.

The sapio365 2.0 FlexyView Grid is a patented data interface that optimizes the display of user and group information of any sized Microsoft 365 environments whether they are cloud-only or hybrid. There is no other single pane of glass that shows over 150 user properties and over 100 group properties. Filters, categorizations, and other analytical features in the FlexyView Grid allow the transformation of data into ready-to-use information for reporting or for further actions.

The FlexyView Grid also serves as an access point to drill down to related information like mail messages, document files, group membership, settings of users and groups in Azure Active Directory and in the local Active Directory.

The FlexyView Grid helps avoid information overload because it aggregates and displays all available Microsoft 365 data, avoiding the need to export it to a CSV or Excel file to format it, which can be a major cause of data loss.

This patented interface is simple to use and helps you retrieve the information you need and to directly format it the way you like. It allows you to see patterns, analyze and compare data, and generate endless custom reports to improve common admin tasks, such as monitoring usage, managing permissions, overseeing Teams and more – all without using PowerShell.

Other built-in tools include:

  • Show statistics like averages and means
  • Add custom annotations (like a yellow Post-it) to highlight important information
  • Generate column graphs, pie charts, and pivot tables or charts on any of the variables
  • Hide or show properties to clean up a view
  • Compare data in unique ways, using single or multiple points of reference

The Automation Jobs Library (AJL or “agile”)
Automation and delegation of tasks !

A “Job” is a simple or complex function that can be executed with one mouse click. It may involve a small or a large data set. It can be scheduled. And it can be executed by anybody from super user to a non admin.

AJL-dashboard-sapio365 microsoft office 365 management

Manually executing repetitive tasks can not only be financially costly, but it can also be frustrating to team members, impacting their moral. sapio365 Automation Jobs Library (AJL) is a growing collection of common IT solutions that can be scheduled to run as many times as needed and by anyone. sapio365 2.0 AJL can also alleviate the use of expensive resources since Jobs can be delegated to non-admins thanks to sapio365’s built-in role-based access control (RBAC) system.

A customer can choose from over 200 cataloged ready-to-run AJL Jobs covering security, identity management, Teams and group governance, document management and other areas of Microsoft 365 management. AJL Jobs can generate reports that are mailed to recipients while others are actions like bulk changes needed for offboarding users for example.

While new AJL Jobs are added constantly to the catalog, sapio365 2.0 customers can also configure their own AJL Jobs to meet their specific business requirements by subscribing to a sapio365 2.0 AJL Job Editor license.

Browse the AJL catalog

Support for Hybrid and Collaborative environments

sapio365 2.0 is a platform dedicated to make information accessible and manageable in ONE place, whether it is in the cloud,  on premises, or both!

sapio365 2.0 offers a complete and centralized solution for managing users and groups directly on Azure Active Directory and a local Active Directory. Besides consolidating access and bulk changes to both types of datasets, sapio365 enables a more secure form of task delegation across a hybrid environment because it uses a single built-in role-based access control system that is easy to manage and to audit, all from within sapio365 2.0.

Ensuring the security of customer data!

sapio365 2.0 minimizes security risks by (1) not hosting customer data on our servers and (2) preventing data leakage in collaborative environments by presenting a global vision of shared content.

sapio365 2.0 does not copy or share your data. Ever.

sapio365 2.0 communicates directly with Microsoft 365 from your computer. There is no 3rd party, no hosting, no proxies, and no backdoors to worry about because sapio365 2.0 is not cloud-based even though it uses cloud-based information. All the information that sapio365 2.0 processes is stored in the customer’s local computer in an encrypted state. Ytria, as a company, has no visibility nor does it retain any copy of any your data.

This is the way it works:

  • Download, install and launch sapio365 2.0
  • Sign in using your usual Microsoft Office 365 credentials
  • sapio365 2.0 will communicate directly with your Microsoft 365 environment to retrieve and display information in the FlexyView Grid. Some data is cached locally to optimize large volume grid loading

Find and close security breaches fast

sapio365 2.0 facilitates managing almost every aspect of user generated content because it agglomerates all data in a central view regardless of the number of users queried and the volume of content. This includes information of shared files or sent messages. With just a few clicks, sapio365 2.0 helps to find and act on important email messages or externally shared documents that should not have been shared outside the organization, and to ultimately prevent data leakage.

Similarly, disabling users’ access to Microsoft 365 is only a few clicks away, whether it is revoking the session, changing passwords, or removing users from security groups. These features, combined with the possibility to delegate anything in the most granular way possible, allow the highest level of secure access to Microsoft 365 management.

sapio365 2.0 Platform Configurability

Adapt the platform, its modules and its usage to a customer’s configuration and needs.
NOT the other way around!

Ytria understands the challenges faced by our customers: an unpredictable mix of daily tasks ranging from critical to routine, frequent to once-in-a-while, large to small, and simple to complex. Couple that with the constraints of a small staff and tight budgets that are always under pressure. All while flawlessly delivering services to internal customers who count on the IT department to run and grow their business.

sapio365 2.0 addresses all these challenges by providing a platform that customers can configure according to their staff, task requirements and budget. It is the only one of its kind. For instance, routine tasks can be delegated to junior admin staff or even non-admin employees via a sapio365 2.0 AJL license. Or you can create more “features” in the product by creating Jobs (without dealing with PowerShell and the expertise it requires).

sapio365 2.0 licenses

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sapio365 2.0 is a modular platform for Microsoft Office 365 management. It allows customers to build their own configuration according to their needs (admin staff, number of users, environment, tasks, etc).

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