See licenses and service plans and provisioning status for users in your Office 365 tenant

Get a fast and complete audit of licenses and service plans for all users across your entire tenant.

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Complete, tenant-wide overview of licenses and service plans for Office 365

No cmdlets to see provisioning status in Office 365. None!

That goes against what the vast majority of things you've seen, read, and heard, doesn't it.

Your day to day practice might even be completely built up against this very notion.

If you're in a large organization, you might have come to accept that provisioning means writing scripts, or at the very least, pulling out those you've already written and adjusting them to match the beat of growth. (Or churn rate, but let's hope it's the former.)

It's one thing to be steadily provisioning new users. But what happens when you need to audit? Eventually, audits are coming. Adoption is key. Wasted costs are no joke.

Do you script out the entire audit and then compile the results into a readable report? Manually?

There is a better way to get provisioning statuses across entire tenants.

In less than a handful of clicks, sapio365 lets you see all license and service plans, plus the provisioning status, for every user across your entire tenant. And this, in one central and flexible interface. You can set up your data however you like. And reporting is as easy as a copy/paste.

What's more, with the ever-evolving Job Center console, you'll have access to a range of tasks, such as special Office 365 license reports, done for you in one click.

Move to sapio365 and get a fast and complete license and service plan audit for all users across your entire tenant:


Ensure users get their proper services on time

With a complete, tenant-wide overview of users' provisioning statuses in just a few clicks, it's never been easier to keep an eye on the whole situation.

Keep costs on the right track through a keen eye on adoption

With all license and service plan information for all users in one central, flexible interface, you have perfect reports right at your fingertips, only a copy/paste away.

Isolate license information from any angle

Thanks to built-in interface functionality, you can use data tools such as categorization, sorting, and filters to quickly arrange your data and isolate information based on any value you choose.

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Ensure your users' service provisioning is in order without any coding or hassles.

sapio365's Licenses view showing all licenses and service plans for multiple users at once
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Arm yourself with the knowledge to ensure efficient provisioning.

Get a complete overview of all users' licenses and service plans, as well as their provisioning status. So, you'll have what you need to identify whose services are ready to go, whose are waiting, and how long they have been waiting for. Report it all with a simple copy/paste.