Simplify Office 365 group delivery management through total access and visibility

Know what senders are accepted and rejected across all Office 365 groups, and make changes on any scale.

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Office 365 group delivery management made simple through total access and visibility

Managing group delivery restrictions in Office 365 can quickly bring you to a crossroads: you can go to the Exchange Admin portal and click through Office 365 groups one by one, adding or rejecting senders little by little. Or, you code up a script.

On one hand, you can see a little bit of the whole picture (just a little).

On the other ... scripting. Scripting to check what's there. Scripting to make changes. Scripting to check your changes.

Good thing you don't have to do that every day. Do you?

Group delivery management has evolved.

sapio365, gives you total access to your Office 365 group delivery restriction information, tenant-wide, without any coding.

See the whole situation in one central place.

Know what senders are accepted and rejected across all Office 365 groups. Make changes on any scale with instant visual confirmation of the changes you've just made.

sapio365 helps you keep group conversations flowing to the RIGHT people:

Know the complete accepted and rejected sender status for every group in a tenant

See and work with all group delivery restrictions in one place, not one by one. So you can administer them without guesswork, or lots of code.

Report the delivery restriction situation almost instantly

Keep full records of the delivery restriction situation in any configuration, in only a few clicks.

Move beyond one-by-one administration

Make adjustments to delivery restrictions at any scale, all in one central interface.

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Manage your Office 365 group delivery restrictions differently completely.

sapio365's delivery management lets you add any number of delivery restrictions to any number of recipients at once
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Stop wasting time adding delivery restriction rules one recipient at a time.

Get expanded visibility and direct access to manage delivery restrictions en masse. Easily add rejected (or accepted) senders to any number of recipient groups at once

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Know the full delivery restriction situation for all groups in your tenant.

Get a "dynamic snapshot" of the all delivery restrictions for all groups in your tenant, in only a few clicks. Report the situation, or act on it, fast!

sapio365's Delivery Management view showing the delivery restriction status for all groups
sapio365's Delivery Management view with multiple delivery restrictions selected ready to delete.
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Keep your tenant's group communications flowing smoothly.

sapio365 lets you get rid of restrictions that shouldn't be there, or add in those that are missing, on any scale, tenant wide, so you can keep your tenant's groups receiving the communications that they should.