Highest visibility and total access for Office 365 data

Find what you need in your tenant, without guesswork, endless click-throughs, or coding.

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Highest visibility for Office 365, so you can get to your crucial tenant data fast

Three hundred and forty-seven PowerShell cmdlets ... 13 Office 365 admin centers.

Just by the sheer numbers alone, it's clear that Office 365 is a robust environment. And its richness is only compounded by how large your organization is and how you use your tenant.

From there, the content you add builds on another layer of complexity for you to be aware of.

How do you see what's in your tenant? Really.

Yes, there is the online admin center. Correction, there is a combination of the 13 different admin centers. And you'll eventually get to what you need if you know where to go. It's only a matter of time. Quite a bit of time, actually.

And that time really is important ... isn't it?

If you really know what you're looking for, there are 347 cmdlets waiting for you to piece together into complex scripts.

Finding data in your tenant doesn't have to be so time consuming.

sapio365 brings even the deepest Office 365 data right up front and center. All data, across your entire tenant.

Messages and mail folders. Groups and conversations.

OneDrive files and permissions for ALL.

Right at your fingertips for fast access and, yes, powerful search across entire tenants. 

What's more, with the ever-evolving Job Center console, you'll have access to a range of popular tasks, such as common Office 365 reports, done for you in one click.

sapio365 lets you find what you need, without guesswork, endless click-throughs, or coding:



Target content and tenant data all in one place

Perform a powerful array of searches and filters from simple text to complex regex, on all data types.

Easily work with data on any scale

Sort and filter huge amounts of information to tame your data down to a precise information set.

Quickly craft perfect reports and data snapshots

Categorize your data shown in views easily by dragging properties to group the data set regardless of the volume.

Handle multiple different types of research at a time

Work across multiple sessions, windows, and even tenants in mere clicks.

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Move up to next level data visibility across your entire Office 365 tenant.

sapio365's groups interface lets you isolate Teams throughout your entire tenant
Use #75

Isolate Teams across your entire tenant.

sapio365 puts all your data right in front of you for quick access so operations such as finding all Teams in your tenant are a cinch.

Use #2

Benefit from wide access to everything from one central tool.

Work at any pace and with any task load you choose. sapio365 lets you keep continual access to any number of different views across data types, sessions, and even tenants!

sapio365's independent view windows allowing multiple tasks at once
sapio365's interface lets you search for specific data values across large volumes of data
Use #4

Quickly find any data type based on specific criteria.

Need to set up a new Team based on past project involvement? Country? City? Need to find a group based on a user membership? Need to find a OneDrive file based on the hash code? Wtih sapio365's built-in data tools, like its powerful search capabilities, it's easy to find data based on any criteria you choose.