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Powerful action-enabled Office 365 reports in only a couple clicks

sapio365 provides a new way to approach reporting of your Office 365 data: live, real-time analysis in flexible reports that you can shape to your liking.

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Office 365 reporting, your way

More flexible reporting than ever

Far from merely giving you static reports, in sapio365 your workspace is your report—flexible to your every need, in the blink of an eye.

Action-enabled and easy

The data you see is directly actionable. Analyze, edit, deep dive, and repeat as needed, all within sapio365.

All-in-one administraion

sapio365 effectively merges the stages of analysis and action into one streamlined approach that saves time and reduces human error.

All-in-one reporting for Office 365

Keeping track of what's going on in an Office 365 environment is a necessary step in administration. The reporting options in Office 365 can be boiled down to this: the built-in report configurations in its online portal or, for the more programming savvy administrator, coding scripts to pull out specific data into an Excel sheet.

Acting on reports normally has two distinct stages: first pull reports to analyze the situation, then act on the analysis, cross-referencing the information as you go. The actions and gaps involved in these steps can take quite a bit of time and are prone to human error.

sapio365 makes this whole process faster and easier.

All-in-one reporting for Office 365.

Actionable reports unlike any other


Full details for any data type

Users, Teams, groups, licenses, sites, OneDrive, and more—see all data in non-aggregated form for deep reports.


Act on whatever you see

All the data you see is actionable with any number of built-in data tools to analyze, and large-scale editing to make any changes.


Explore overall trends and tendencies

Turn your data into powerful pivot tables or easy-to-read charts in only a couple of clicks.


Insight at the push of a button

sapio365 comes with a full range of reporting scenarios pre-programmed for you.

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Deep analysis and easy, action-enabled reports, all in one.

sapio365's groups interface lets you isolate Teams throughout your entire tenant
Use #16

Isolate Teams across your entire tenant.

sapio365 puts all your data right in front of you for quick access so it's a cinch to find all Teams in your tenant and reporting on their properties, channels, members, and more.

Use #2

Benefit from wide access to everything from one central tool.

Work at any pace and with any task load you choose. sapio365 lets you keep continual access to any number of different views across data types, sessions, and even tenants!

sapio365's independent view windows allowing multiple tasks at once
sapio365's interface lets you search for specific data values across large volumes of data
Use #4

Quickly find any data type based on specific criteria.

Need to set up a new Team based on past project involvement? Country? City? Need to find a group based on a user membership? Need to find a OneDrive file based on the hash code? Wtih sapio365's built-in data tools, like its powerful search capabilities, it's easy to find data based on any criteria you choose.