Make your Office 365 user management easy at any scale

Manage users easier, faster and with more insight than is possible through scripts or online portals.

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Optimized Office 365 user management, easy at any scale

You spend too much time thinking about your users.

It's true.

Sure, like any software environment, user management is key in Office 365. And with some organizations topping out in the tens of thousands (or more!), constant vigilance over user accounts keeps business critical processes from skipping costly beats.

But the online admin center is the same for everyone. 10; 100; 10,000 users, every admin gets the same native toolset to work with. And that means the they all have certain things in common. For one, they need to get used to seeing lots of information in a one-by-one manner. Deeper user profile details? One user at a time. User group memberships? One user at a time.

Yes, there are a limited range of user fields that you can handle in bulk. But since when is "limited" something that you'd want to settle for?

PowerShell? Yes, there's that, too. But unless you love piecing together scripts, and modifying various values ad infinitum, you probably find that living in the command line is a bit claustrophobic. You never really have true bearings on the situation until well into your process.

You can spend less time on your user management and get more done.

sapio365 lets you see the entire picture of user data across your entire tenant, all on one flexible interface. From basic to extended user profile data, to group memberships, to license and service plan provisioning status, to OneDrive files, to messages, and so on, you have complete access to manage users on any scale.

Search, categorize, sort, anything and everything for the full picture. And once you know the situation, you can make adjustments on any scale, so you spend less time getting more done

What's more, with the ever-evolving Job Center console, you'll have access to a range of sought-after tasks, such as Office 365 user license status reports, done for you in one click.

sapio365 lets you manage users with more insight than is possible through scripts or online portals:


Get a handle on user profile information

Quickly and easily categorize user profile data by any profile property you choose (such as country, department, user type, office location), for a total understanding of your organizations staff.

Modify user information on any scale with complete insight

Update user profiles one at time or multiple at once. And with full visibility of all information around the records you are updating, you get a faster workflow and less human error.

Create users easily

See the entire list of users at once for the full situation and total insight when creating new users in your organization.

Keep up to date on service provisioning without any coding

Drill down into multiple users' license information for a full report of service plans included in their license and their provisioning status in only a couple of clicks.

Handle user password scares quickly and easily

Quickly reset user passwords remotely for any number of users at once.

Keep user deletion under control

Near instant access to the user recycle bin lets you see the entirety of soft deleted users across your entire tenant, so you can either finalize the cycle or restore wrongly deleted users.

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Better user management lies beyond the web and coding.

sapio365's Users view with multiple users selected and updating their country information all at once.
Use #12

Move up to a faster user management workflow.

If the options of one-by-one user management, or complex script building don't sound enticing to you, sapio365 is the perfect marriage of GUI accessibility and large-scale, bulk actions. Work with any number of users at once across an entire tenant, for faster and clearer audits and modifications.

Use #3

Get a handle on your users' group memberships.

All users' group memberships visible all at once. That's how sapio365 gives you the power to work with the entire picture of group memberships. Ensure that all users are members of the proper groups.

sapio365's Group Memberships view showing the group memberships for multiple users at once.
sapio365's Users view with a "Find All" search applied to the column Mail Preview to find keywords in message content
Use #10

Perform near-instant e-discovery searches on any number of mailboxes.

With sapio365, you can access and view the entirety of messages for all users in your tenant without ever having to change your organizations security structure. What's more, you can perform e-discovery searches over user mailboxes faster than the native online Content Search.