Regain control over groups in your Office 365 tenant

Manage your tenant's groups on any scale, and with far less guesswork and possibility for human error.

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Power to regain control over groups in your Office 365 tenant, for a clutter-free environment

Thousands of users with free reign to create groups and teams as they choose. Does that sound like your organization?

That means your have to spend at least some of your time keeping those "less useful" groups in check.

How do you know which groups to look at?

And if you've locked group creation, well, then making sure owners and members are all associated with their proper groups falls that much more on you ... and your schedule.

How many groups are you dealing with again?

Managing more than just a few groups through the Office 365 or Azure AD online admin centers takes time--time spent clicking through groups one by one, editing as you go.

There is the other way too: PowerShell.

Run a list of Get-UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlets to see the members (just to be sure). And once you know (and remember) the situation, you can start scripting your group modifications.

Don't forget to write a checkup script.

So much typing, and for only a couple aspects of groups.

You don't have to make a choice between "easy" and "effective" when it comes to managing groups in Office 365.

With sapio365, you get complete access to all group information across your entire tenant, all in one flexible central interface.

You have complete group information right at your fingertips: memberships, conversations, OneDrive files, expiration policy, global group settings, etc. So you can know the whole situation, and adjust it quickly with confidence.

What's more, with the ever-evolving Job Center console, you'll have access to a range of Office 365 group management tasks, such as a complete export of all group content, done for you in one click.

Manage your tenant's groups on any scale, and with far less guesswork and possibility for human error:


Manage memberships, owners, group settings, across your entire tenant, all from one place

View all group information across your entire tenant at once. Make changes to any number of groups at once; add or remove members, change owners, modify global group settings, and more.

Work with groups from all angles for a flexible, faster workflow

See group memberships from your users up and from the groups down. Or pull up group information from any data linked to groups.

Keep an eye on group conversations

View all group conversations and posts for any number of groups in your tenant. Search and isolate post content thanks to built-in data tools.

Quickly back up group OneDrive content

See, search, and download any number of group OneDrive files on any scale—for any number of groups in your tenant at once.

Get a tenant-wide vision of Teams

See all Team settings for every team at once across your entire tenant.

Heighten your own best practices for group management

With the power to edit, create, or delete any number of groups or Teams at once, you'll be able to set new, higher standards for your task schedule.

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And that's really only the start.

sapio365's Group Members interface with multiple users being added to multiple groups
Use #24

Ensure group and Team memberships are in order.

sapio365 lets you get a complete overview of the all group members in one place. And thanks to the built-in data tools, such as categorization and filters, you can arrange all of this to clearly spot if group memberships are correct. What`s more, you can fix any problems by adding or removing any number of users to any number of groups or Teams at once.

Use #65

Your offline backups of OneDrive files just got easier.

Thanks to sapio365's download access for OneDrive files, downloads from the simple (just a few) to the complex (a full group archival project) are only a matter of a few clicks.

sapio365's OneDrive file view with the files of multiple groups selected and being downloaded at once
sapio365's Group Conversations view with a conversation selected and posts shown and previewed
Use #107

Make sure group conversation posts are getting delivered properly.

In any organization with a decent number of active groups, getting a handle on exactly who is sending and receiving what can be a real hassle. With sapio365 you can see a full overview of conversation information even down to each conversation's unique senders and their individual posts. It's a breeze to cross-check and ensure all communications are flowing as they should.