Bring order to your OneDrive management

Get full access and visibility for all OneDrive content for all users, groups, and sites in your tenant.

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Flexible file hierarchy and powerful permissions management for OneDrive

OneDrive can be a great experience.

True, the crucial backbone to file storage in Office 365 can be difficult to find your way around. With no clear hierarchy, you have to do a fair amount of searching to get to your files. 

Sure, finding out if duplicate files are taking up extra OneDrive space in an average organization can be troublesome. When it's hard to just see if a file is there or not, the quickest way to be sure is just to upload it again.

Adoption rates, so important to an organization's well-planned budget, can suffer because of those two not-so-small quirks about OneDrive. But we can live with quirky ... to a certain degree.

Change your mind about how OneDrive can be.

OneDrive CAN be a great experience, AND easy to administer.

sapio365 gives you full access and visibility to all OneDrive content for all users, groups, and sites across your entire tenant.

You can see and edit file permissions, too. So you can make sure everyone has the proper access.

Elegant OneDrive file and permission management starts with sapio365:


View all OneDrive files for users, groups, and sites in a clear hierarchy.

Edit file permissions directly and precisely with the full context right in front of you.

Find files that are shared anonymously to keep an eye on any security concerns.

Isolate and remove duplicate files, to keep storage on track.

View and report OneDrive space used per users, groups, or sites to bolster adoption efforts.

Download any number of files at once, for easy and extensive group content backups.

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And that's only the beginning. OneDrive administration just got a whole lot friendlier.

sapio365's OneDrive file hierarchy view lets you see all files in a flexible file explorer
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See OneDrive contents like you've always wanted to, but better.

View OneDrive files for any number of users, groups, in a full file hierarchy. And sapio365's built in data tools make for one mightily advanced file explorer.

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Ensure that users aren't wasting space and that only the right content is hosted.

sapio365 offers quick and easy ways to isolate any duplicate OneDrive files, so you can ensure clutter-free storage across your entire tenant.

sapio365's OneDrive files view with documents that have a duplicate highlighted
sapio365's OneDrive files view showing all file permissions for multiple files
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Understand who can access what OneDrive files, for a clear overview of file security.

With sapio365's deep access, flexibility, and built in data tools, it's never been easier to determine which files have been shared with who, and who has permission to access them.