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"…when I needed to pull a global license usage location report by department, I thought: ‘there goes my day.’ But then I remembered I have sapio365, and did it in 20 minutes."


Gabor Rozsa, IT Operations Manager - XAPT

sapio365 Version History
Jun 11 2019

Learn more about sapio365 v1.4

What's in the latest version?

NEW - General

  • Caching of data for Users module and Groups module
  • Comments – Add personal comments in any grid – Can be shared and edited
  • Column Map available in all modules – Quickly find and add any column to any grid
  • Usage Reports available for Users and Groups
  • Drive quotas now available in Users module
  • Additional properties added to Users module 
  • Drive quotas now available in Groups module
  • See and edit Managers in Users module
  • Global counters in Files module: number of files & folders; folder size; total size
  • New button: Create Teams from Groups
  • Teams icon now displayed in all group-related modules
  • New session: info about consent and its meaning
  • Multiple Ultra Admin sessions now possible on 1 tenant

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • New - Can now set credentials with a foreign tenant
  • New - Easy Create button for creating RBAC credentials
  • Improved – multiple improvements; more stable


  • New – See users for selected licenses in Tenant Licenses module
  • New – Find shared files in Users
  • New – Find shared files in Groups
  • New – Find shared files in Sharepoint Sites
  • New – Deactivate selected users
  • Improved: find groups with no member, no owner
  • Various small improvements

Global - Improvements and fixes

  • New: easy Create button setup process for CosmosDB
  • New: easy Create button for Ultra Admin applications
  • Fixed potential issue with firewalls and proxies when logging in
  • Improved: on new session more info provided for login errors
  • Improved preferences panel
  • Fixed: formatting in grid for large numbers and bytes
  • Fixed: files’ permissions editing of type (read/edit)
  • Small fix: grid filters now show warning if no filterable rows available
  • Fixed: date format in grid and for export
  • Improved: drag & drop in grouping zone optimized
  • Simplified ribbon for User management & Group management sections
  • Simplified ‘Compare’ dialog
  • Global stability improvements
  • Various small fixes
  • Various UI improvements (incl. enhanced home page)
  • Various term corrections


  • New column: 'Guest Allowed' (true/false)
  • Improved: owners are now shown directly in the main Groups module
  • Refresh in Groups module no longer shows empty lines after a Load Info


  • Can now access users' private chats from Teams in Messages module (listed as entries without any Parent Folder set)


  • Small fix: canceling loading of users disabled all buttons in frame
  • Password column now displayed when creating a new user
  • User signed-in status shown as icon (replaced checkbox) for better readability

Sapio365 Licensing

  • NEW - Only licensed users are counted toward Ytria licensing count
  • NEW – Now free access to personal data for all users
Mar 19 2019

Learn more about sapio365 v1.3


  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)


  • Users - New properties
  • Group Members/User Memberships - faster retrieval
  • User/Group Selection dialog - now uses caching instead of 'load all' by default
  • Groups - Owners are now shown directly in the main Group Module
  • Group Recycle Bin - added new properties
  • OneDrive for Groups - removed incorrect Private status
  • Attachment related information - properties renamed
  • Horizontal scrolling in the grid is much faster
  • Improved display of icons on HDPI
  • No more main-frame size limitation


  • Users - some information was not shown after making an edit
  • OneDrive - was missing data for some users
  • Group Members - corrected potential infinite loop handling of some complex group nesting
  • Groups - was missing information after creation
  • Group Delivery Management - 'Delete Restrictions' was not working
  • Group Recycle Bin - 'Deleted time' was not displayed
  • Sites - 'Created on' and 'Modified' columns were always empty
  • Grid - in Hierarchy mode - hiding a parent was not hiding its children
  • Grid - the date format was inconsistent when using copy/paste
  • Ytria License - improper tenant name was used for license validation


  • New - Users: Show external email forwarding rules for all users
  • New - Groups : Get memberships of a selected group
  • New - Groups: Find empty groups
  • New - Groups: Find memberless groups
  • Fixed - Groups: Show groups with guest owners
  • Fixed - Users : Export content of all selected users
  • Fixed - Groups: All documents/folders shared with guests
Jan 22 2019


  • Added mail header information in the Messages grid.
  • New ribbon function: Rename OneDrive files and folders.
  • Added access to new information (OneDrive, mail, etc...) for User and Group Recycle Bins.
  • Added new ‘Last queried on’ column to show when the data was last requested.
  • Added User Activity Logs to keep track of user-initiated editions.
  • Added new column in Groups: Membership count.
  • Added new column in Groups: Owner User Names.


  • Added new ‘Assigned Licenses’ column in the Users grid.
  • Changed the value type and terms for the 'Sign-in status' column in the Users grid.
  • Changed the scope on which the Refresh Selected and Save Selected take effect when the grid has been categorized.
  • When grouping, terms of categorized values are now displayed as ‘True/False’; changed from ‘Checked/Unchecked’.


  • Content search for Group Conversation Posts is now available via added ‘Preview’ column in the grid.
  • Optimized loading of OneDrive item permissions. ‘Owner’ permissions are now hidden by default.
  • Cleared up the organization of exploded multiple value cells with index columns on the extreme left.

New Jobs Added

  • Users: Users with duplicate plans
  • Users: List Teams of selected users
  • Users: Export content of all selected users
  • Users: View by status: guest, sign-in, unlicensed...
  • Groups: All documents and folders shared with guests
  • Groups: Add ‘non-member' group owners as members for selected groups.


  • Fixed large volume processing issue when fetching messages and events.
  • Additional miscellaneous fixes.
Oct 18 2018


  • License/service plan editing implemented in Licenses module.
  • Copy/move now possible for group memberships.
  • Mail rules now available (for current user, and in Ultra Admin sessions only).
  • Revamped UI/logic for group member handing in both Users and Groups module.


  • Edit/refresh in hierarchy grid now allowed for targeted data "scopes."
  • Upgraded selection dialog mechanics for groups and users.
  • General grid UI improvements.
Oct 04 2018


  • More fixes and continual improvement of how sapio365 works with proxy connections.
  • Issues with display/retrieval for certain properties in Groups module now fixed.
  • Error management when retrieving additional data in Users and Groups has been improved.


  • Multiple new jobs now available in the Job Center console.
  • Invert grid selection now possible.


  • Significant performance enhancements for loading speed and data manipulation.
  • Better handling of additional data retrieval for open grids.
  • Cell explosion for multivalue cells now with clearer UI.
  • General grid UI improvements.
Jul 28 2018

Official Base Gold Release

Jul 01 2018


  • Proxy connection errors have been solved! Some users would receive an error when trying to provide admin consent with application IDs set to the previously recommended redirect addresses. The redirect address is fully user definable within sapio365.
  • Target folder when downloading files is now created. A fix for errors occurring when the target folder didn't exist.
  • Records editing—fixed 'Apply' button being active even when no modifications had been made.


  • Create groups directly from sapio365.
  • Create user profiles.
  • Reset passwords on any number of users, with options to set custom or auto-generate passwords, and force change on next login.
  • Manage global group settings as well as group expiration policy settings.
  • View Microsoft Teams conversations and handle Teams-related information such as:
    • Member settings
    • Guest settings
    • Fun settings
    • Team URL
  • Concurrent live sessions. All sessions now stay active regardless of tenant, and without the need to sign in/out.
  • Restore, report, or fully delete soft-deleted users, groups, and sites.
  • Edit granular permission settings on OneDrive files.


  • Editing of groups and users fully stable.
  • Better multi-value cell handling and presentation.
  • Better handling of "cancel" operations when loading a large volume of information.
  • Various performance improvements and visual enhancements.
  • Continued ribbon UI consolidation.