Effectively manage your agents, design element signatures and signer IDs

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An agentEZ and signEZ best practices webcast

  • Take control of your agents across your entire server.
  • Understand and optimize agent schedules.
  • Discover and solve agent problems.
  • Best practices for agent management.
  • Find and correct all sorts of signature issues.
  • Learn about the best ways of managing signer IDs in your development and administration teams.
  • Bring order to design element signature chaos in legacy environments.
  • Learn about the benefits of doing batch jobs in signEZ.

Time-Stamped outline

Agenda (1:12)

Introduction to agentEZ (7:43)

Agent Selection (7:43)

Loading Process (8:17)

What does the grid mean? (9:29)

How to change stuff (11:49)

Basic features of agentEZ through examples (13:00)

Run on settings (13:12)

Two step saving process (15:08)

Working with agent schedules (18:42)

Troubleshooting agent problems(25:13)

Last run Start Date and history (25:45)

Run completion & execution time (29:00)

Agent logs & error codes (32:20)

Agent signatures (34:45)

Introduction to signEZ (37:40)

signEZ interface (38:00)

sign-Audit (40:30)

NAB Presence checker (41:00)

Features of signEZ through examples

Re-authenticating a session (42:00)

Re-signing with correct signatures ( 42:23)

Sharing signer IDs (44:45)

Batch signing with signEZ (52:41)

Modifying and saving agents using signEZ with agentEZ (01:36:00)