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How to work effectively with your ACLs and ACL groups

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An aclEZ best practices webcast

Learn about aclEZ best practices in discovering, analyzing and resolving issues with your ACLs and ACL groups. This includes:

  • ACL management on steroids (mass-editing and deployment of ACLs)
  • How to quickly overview server-wide ACL security and find & resolve problems on the spot
  • How to clean up your ACLs to ensure a well-organized and easy to oversee environment
  • How to work with roles on a mass scale
  • Deep diving in ACL groups to get an understanding of who can access what on your server
  • Dissecting your NAB group structure to understand any key user and group policies in place
  • Cleaning up the NAB groups to ensure their members are relevant and up to date within your organization
  • Managing global ACL settings like Administration server, enforcement of consistent ACLs, etc…

Outline of presentation

ACL Management

Main Grid (00:05:02)

Check & change Default Access (00:08:10)

Add new ACL entries to multiple databases (00:11:10)

Example: deploying generic ACLs in Marketing (00:14:20)

Looking at mail files for inconsistencies (00:15:38)

Old server & Admin names in mail file ACLs (00:20:15)

Analyzing entries for patterns and differentiating between different kinds of entries

Example: changing mailbox owner access (00:23:10)

Restriction System & Key Depository Database, or how to make some aclEZ features available for certain members of a team (00:27:45)

Working with ACL Groups (Nested Groups)

Group Expander Button (00:30:40)

Expanding Nested Groups and understanding the main Grid (00:33:30)

NAB Group Navigator

Tree layout (00:43:41)

Example: integrating a NEW Chilean subsidiary (00:47:17)

Grid layout (00:49:30)

Red-coloured entries & NAB Presence Checker (00:56:05)

Assignment of Group Memberships (00:60:48)

Role Management and other features

Managing roles on the entire server (00:63:00)

Roles panel

Example: assigning a new role in all Sales Forecast databases (00:66:45)

Global ACL properties (00:69:00)

ACL History (00:69:20)

Administration Server (00:62:29)

Mail Owner (00:69:46)