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What’s new in EZ Suite version 11?

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An EZ Suite Major Release Webcast

The Ytria development team has been hard at work creating new features and enhancements in response to customer requests and suggestions. As a result of this ongoing effort, we have released a major update of our EZ Suite software. Newly published, EZ Suite 11 is now available for download and offers you a new and improved flavour of your favourite IBM Notes and Domino software tools.


Outline of presentation

Generic changes

Inline Product Tour

Inline Product Tour

Help learning curve

On first product launch

F12 for next step

Grid formatting

Additional Filters

Custom Cell & Group Formatting

Vertical Column Titles

XML Exporting

Switch ID capability

Switch ID capability

Authenticate Product Session

Consistent in all products

Product specific improvements


Conflict Counter

Phantom Parent Finder

Notes.ini Editor


Vertical Column Titles

Load Space Used


Create Replica

Cluster Analyzer

Multi-server Conflict Finder

NAB Presence Checker capabilites


ACL Interface


Main Grid: ACLs and Members

Group Navigator

Global ACL Properties


Main Grid: Agent Signer


Audit & Report Grid

Additional Settings

Restriction System

Restriction System

Leverage the power of all tools

Central Governance

Enforce / Restrict features

Modification Logging

Significant Enhancements

Part of Central Governance

Release 10.5 vs Release 11.0

Release 10.5

Modification Logging Capability - Optional

Limited information recorded

Release 11.0

Enforcement option

Commenting (optional / enforced)

More Details on each action

Back office to monitor all usage of Ytria tools