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Official Ytria scanEZ Launcher

Launch scanEZ directly from your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser

This browser based launcher is available as a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension that enables you to start a scanEZ session (lite or full version) directly from a webpage hosted on your IBM Domino Server. This extension simply provides a more convenient way to administer and develop IBM Domino webpages with scanEZ from your favourite browser.

Installation instructions

  1. Make sure to enable the option in scanEZ to launch it from a browser. In scanEZ, go to Tools > Allow scanEZ to be launched using 'scanEZ://'-type URLs.

  2. Install the Official Ytria scanEZ Launcher from the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Marketplace by clicking on the images below.

  3. Go to your IBM Domino website. Please note that the page address must contain .nsf to be detected as such. You should see a scanEZ icon in the top right of the Chrome browser window (in the address bar) or in the bottom right of the Firefox browser window (in the Add-on Bar).

  4. In your Chrome or Firefox browser, click on the scanEZ icon to start a scanEZ session for the currently loaded webpage.

  5. Chrome Firefox
  6. If launching scanEZ generates the error message "Unable to find path to server...", you will need to select Options to correctly map your URL and IBM Domino server names.

    • In Chrome, simply right-click on the scanEZ icon to obtain Options.
    • In Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions.

  7. Chrome Firefox
  8. The Options page allows you to edit URL SERVER mappings. Easily add or delete rows/lines as needed, then save.

  9. Chrome Firefox

How it works

The Official Ytria scanEZ Launcher generates an address starting with scanEZ:// , which triggers a scanEZ session (provided you have the permissions to do so).

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