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Manage your Office 365 data better with sapio365

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sapio365: the desktop tool that provides a better, PowerShell-free way to work with Office 365 data

Think of how you administer your organization's Office 365 tenant now: either by working through the standard web portal's Admin Center or, when the going gets tougher, by using PowerShell scripts.

sapio365 lets you see all tenant data in one flexible grid interface where you can get a full understanding of all your data and perform numerous types of mass-modifications without a single line of code.

view all

View all tenant data in one place.

total access

Access data across all user accounts.

mass edit

Easily perform mass data edits.

drag and drop

Categorize your data with drag-and-drop ease.

search options

Find information quickly through powerful search options.

drag and drop

And much more...

Accomplish your largest tasks, without any coding.

sapio365 is an independent desktop tool that turns Office 365 administration on its head: access all your cloud data at once, without the interface drawbacks of web-based portals and without the need to write a single line of PowerShell script.

This means no frustrating pagination and tedious click-throughs, and no "flying blindly" through lines of code.

What are some things you can do with sapio365?

sapio365 gathers all tenant data—users, groups, OneDrive files, calendar events, etc.— and displays it in one flexible interface. Explore how your tenant data is interweaved for drill-downs that just weren't possible before, and approach your analysis and management on a large scale.

We can't mention everything, of course, but here are just a few things that you can do—in merely a few clicks—with sapio365:


Find emails and grab attachments.

Locate emails throughout your tenant based on any attribute—even body text. Grab attachments en masse.


See all event information.

View the people, groups, rooms, files, and attachments involved with events, all at once.


Manage all groups in one place.

See all aspects of all groups in your tenant, all in one place, including conversations, files, and more.


See and access all OneDrive files.

Get a global vision of all OneDrive items. Categorize info by any number of attributes such as size, file type, the user and/or group they belong to, and more.


View all user information at once.

Mass-edit user metadata in only a couple of clicks, with a full vision of memberships and settings for multiple users at once.


See all sites and their data.

View and access all sites and their data across your entire tenant at once, and categorize your views by any combination of attributes.

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