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“It’s so hard to get a global picture of the Microsoft 365 environment so we can set the real priorities.”

“It’s tough to avoid damaging errors as we make mass changes inside Microsoft 365.”

“We struggle to avoid wasting a lot of time on writing PowerShell scripts.”

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Too many Microsoft 365 IT admins struggle to find answers and information in their tenant, spending too much time clicking in the ever-changing portals to find and fix things. Too often, they’re forced to make modifications one by one. The only alternative is to use labour-intensive PowerShell scripts.

Yet, most organizations have little or no PowerShell expertise.The result? Delays, guesswork, and shortcuts. All leading to organizational disruption, increased security risks, and serious dips in productivity.

That’s why we created sapio365, a software solution that makes managing your Microsoft 365 tenants so much easier.

These brands rely on sapio365 to solve the Microsoft 365 challenges they thought were impossible

without relying on hard-to-find expertise

How? sapio365 gave them 3 powerful abilities

20/20 Vision & 100% control

See everything across all tenants without relaxing security standards. Reveal priorities and speed up decision-making.

The result:

Keep up with the expansion of the business.

Proactive problem tracking & isolation

Identify security risks and unethical behaviours and avoid wasting time writing PowerShell.

The result:

Ensure compliance and mitigate the shortage of IT experts.

Prevent issues and take mass actions safely

Streaming tasks, identify use cases that were impossible and resolve issues without making damaging errors.

The result:

Quick action in deandline-driven crisis situations without experts.

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Use sapio365 to solve problems you thought were impossible

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“My team was always the bottleneck but with sapio365, not only have we stopped slowing down the business, but we’ve also become so much more proactive”

IT Administrator, Not-for-Profit Organization

Identify security threats and risky behaviours proactively to ensure compliance

“For us, the effects have allowed us to really reduce security threats. We can see who is doing what and take the right measures before there is any risk. It lets me sleep easier.”

CTO, Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Make PowerShell scripts a thing of the past and make mass changes quickly without the fear of errors

“We used to stress so much when we needed to make mass changes. Now we know we can click with confidence, knowing everything will work out fine. And we’re thrilled to not have to use PowerShell”

IT Manager, Insurance Company

It’s time to end an era of frustrations around Microsoft 365

  • Let's stop being the bottleneck
  • Let's end the operation-wide disruptions
  • Let's make dips in productivity a thing of the past
  • Let's eliminate the unnecessary security risks from making mass changes
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without having to rely on hard-to-find expertise

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