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Who we are

For the past 20 years, Ytria has provided innovative and efficient software solutions to the most complex problems faced by administrators of Microsoft Office 365 and HCL Notes and Domino environments.​

​We intimately understand the main challenges our customers face: an unpredictable mix of daily tasks ranging from critical to routine, frequent to once-in-a-while, large to small, and simple to complex. Couple that with the constraints of a small staff and tight budgets that are always under pressure. All while flawlessly delivering services to internal customers who count on the IT department to run and grow their business.

Why Ytria?

Our customers’ success is our priority

​Our business only exists because customers, large and small, trust us to solve difficult issues for them. They count on us and we are 100% dedicated to their success. ​

Solving IT problems is our mission

​We design innovative solutions that help solve the toughest IT challenges. Our products make troubleshooting a breeze and enable deep analysis and easy reporting, even on large scale user bases.

Our solutions are simple to manage

​The solution to a problem cannot be more complicated than the problem itself! We strive to design products and solutions that simplify our customers’ work.

We deliver increased productivity

​By bringing simple solution to very complex problems to our customers, we allow them to achieve substantial productivity gains and increase the satisfaction of their own users.​

Our customer support is “extreme”

​Should one of our customer run into an issue, we will not stop until that issue is solved. We call it “extreme” customer support. Our customers have to be successful. Period!​

Our innovation is customer driven​

​Our approach to developing our products is based on 3 pillars: continuous innovation, constant customer feedback [“customer-in-the-loop”], and an obsessive attention to quality.

We care about data security​ data security​

​Cyber threats are a constant and unfortunate part of the daily life of any IT departments. We make sure no security leak can arise from using our products.

Our focus on Automation + Delegation

​At a time when IT departments are under severe stress to accelerate the digital transformation of their enterprises, we offer truly unique automation and delegation features.

Trusted by customers for 20 years

​For over 20 years, we have been trusted by large and small organizations around the entire world. They have been loyal to us because we have been dedicated to their success.​

Some of our customers

Our solutions have been deployed and are being used at over 3,000 customer sites all over the world. Our customers operate in industries as diverse as aerospace & defense, automotive, banking, chemicals & petroleum, computer services, construction/ architecture/engineering, consumer products, education, electronics, energy & utilities, financial services, government, healthcare & life sciences, media & entertainment, professional services, retail, telecommunications, travel & transportation, wholesale distribution & services. They range in size from small businesses to Fortune 100.


Join Ytria

We are always looking for Individuals with a desire to help us achieve our goals.

To apply for a position with us, please or use the link below to find out our any recent job openings or send us an email careers@ytria.com.