sapio365 2.0 is a modular platform. It allows customers to build their own configuration according to their needs (admin staff, number of users, environment, tasks, etc).


  • All prices below are in $US and valid for all regions
  • sapio365 2.0 follows a SaaS model. All prices are for a one-year subscription

sapio365 Pro License >

Provides access to all the features of the platform

Standard license

Starting price $1,750 for one license activation and 250 users

Price depends on number of license activations and number of users

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Small Business license

Maximum 150 users
$750 for one license activation or $1400 for two license activations

Includes the On Premise module (hybrid environment)

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sapio365 AJL License >

Can only execute Jobs in the AJL(Automation Jobs Library)

Standard license

Price starts at $200 for one license activation

Bundles of 1, 2, 5, 15, 25, 50, 100

license activations

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For all other modules



Allows sapio365 licensed users to share data and collaborate

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On Premise


Allows hybrid environment support

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Automation Jobs

Library (AJL)

Where Automation Jobs are stored

[by Ytria or a customer]

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AJL Editor


Allows a customer to create and store.

Automation Jobs in the AJL

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