Tired of the crazy pace of your days?

sapio365 helps you spend less time on routine IT admin tasks.

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Tired of the crazy pace of your days?

sapio365 helps you spend less time on routine IT admin tasks.

See plans & pricing


is an IT admin’s best friend, helping you manage Microsoft 365 with more confidence and without PowerShell.

20/20 Vision & 100% control​

Easy problem tracking & isolation​

Take bulk actions safely​​

No need to worry about security

sapio365 always keeps your data safe

sapio365 communicates directly with Microsoft 365 from your computer using your Microsoft 365 credentials.

No third parties, no hosting, no proxies, no backdoors to worry about!

sapio365 is not cloud-based but uses cloud-based information. All the information that sapio365 processes is stored in your own Microsoft 365 tenant.

No third-party organization, including Ytria, has access to any of your data.

Transform the way you work

Stop writing code and start clicking with sapio365.

How can sapio365 make a huge difference?


Custom reporting

Configure all types of reports easily without the need to manually export and append other information.

  • Leverage hundreds of properties of users, groups, sites and their licenses, mailbox content, OneDrive files, and so much more
  • Use these properties in filters, sorting, and categorization to create a view that gives you what you want
  • Deep dive into the connections these properties have – all the way down to the mail attachments, file sharing information and more than you can imagine

Breeze through audits and reporting while proactively preventing problems.

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Delegation of tasks

Safely delegate admin tasks without worrying about roles that are too broad or too narrow.

  • Customize roles with specific permissions and set scopes of action
  • Centralize control of the roles that you assign to people or groups
  • Gain the ability to audit the activities executed by those roles

Gain peace of mind knowing that any level of IT staff can do their job without damaging the system.

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Task automation and scheduling

Automate and schedule your repetitive IT admin tasks to avoid error-prone manual work.

  • Scheduling over 200 available reports and tasks to run automatically
  • Creating custom automations that meet your specific needs
  • Avoiding the use of PowerShell scripts that can make or break your environment

Find time in your day to perform value-added and strategic work.

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Hybrid Active Directory in one place

Manage both local and cloud Active Directories (Ads) with one interface.

  • Reconcile the data from AD and Azure AD in one single environment
  • Reduce the risk of introducing errors due to manual reconciling, reporting and PowerShell scripting
  • Make direct comparisons and analyses across all AD environments
  • Update accounts without worrying about introducing errors with synchronization

Avoid operational disruptions from unknown synchronization issues.

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Multiple tenant management

Work in multiple tenants at the same time and create cross-tenant reports quickly.

  • Switch between tenants without signing-in and out
  • Work simultaneously in all tenants to avoid discrepancies
  • Automate tasks and reports that span all tenants
  • Support geographic expansion
  • Reduce the stress from acquisitions

Keep all tenants under control through one interface.

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Collaboration between users

Take advantage of sapio365’s sharing and delegation abilities for new ways to collaborate with your colleagues.

  • Create custom grid views and share them with your co-workers
  • Share custom automated tasks and reports (jobs)
  • Share comments annotated in the grid and see a history of the comments so you can review who added what and when
  • Delegate or use custom roles for other team members to distribute tasks more effectively
  • Gain access to specific settings in sapio365, including everyone’s User Activity Logs, all comments and configuration of RBAC roles

With enhanced collaboration tools, teams become more efficient and productivity will be increased.

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Security audits and actions

Prepare comprehensive audits by gaining access to data. Take corrective actions to eliminate risky behaviours within the organization.

  • Block users from signing in, change their password and revoke their session
  • See and manage how documents are shared
  • Search and destroy links to anonymously shared files
  • Find and eliminate a malicious email across mailboxes
  • See who signed in from where and when with sign-in reports
  • See who has made changes to users, groups and more with Audit Log reports
  • See who has access by checking group membership and make changes
  • Audit guest access to group content

Make sure all security protocols are in place, so security gaps are eliminated.

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