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Your daily tasks, finished easier, faster, and more accurately

EZ Suite lets you manage all aspects of your IBM Notes and Domino environment faster, better, and with deeper insight than is possible with traditional methods using only the native clients—or with any other tool on the market.

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Skip the coding, we've got you covered!

Complete data visibility

Find problems and overall tendencies in properties and settings that would normally go unnoticed, because you can truly see all your data.

Powerful built-in analytics

Perform a wide range of analysis operations on your data thanks to built-in data manipulation tools such as category groupings, sorting, and filters.

Large-scale edit functions

Use mass-editing capabilities, exclusive edit functionality, and more to solve any problems you may find on a large scale—without losing the big picture.

Domino 10

A full range of essential tools for managing IBM Notes and Domino

Just sayin’: I love @Ytria You make my AdminLife easier nearly every day. Thank you! #GreatTool #Ytria

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Ytria offers EZ Suite tools in different packages to suit your needs.

A suite for every user

EZ Suite comes in many forms, every one tailor made to suit whatever your IBM Notes and Domino tasks may be.

EZ Suite Complete

With this suite, you'll get all of Ytria's software tools for administrators and developers. Work with everything from agents, to action bars, to, well, anything in IBM Notes and Domino.

EZ Suite Admin

Are you an admin? This suite is set up with your needs in mind. All our powerful tools for administrators in one bundle.

EZ Suite Dev

Are you a developer? This suite is for you. Everything you need to optimize your development tasks is here.

EZ Suite Dev-Plus

Are you mostly a developer, but need to do some admin tasks from time to time? This suite adds in server monitoring and server-wide agent handling to our suite of developer tools.

Without the right tools... you're wasting time and losing money.

IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) developers and Domino administrators have tough jobs: they need to think about getting applications up and running, as well as how their choices will impact the thousands of people who will use them.

Unfortunately, they also have to complete the time-consuming and repetitive basic tasks required to develop or administer sometimes several hundred IBM Notes applications. There is a calculable financial and strategic cost for this—one which can be dramatically reduced with the right software tools.

Traditional methods can take a lot of manhours.With Ytria tools, your tasks take a lot less time.

"Near-Instant ROI"

Based on customer feedback, this table shows a typical Return on Investment an IBM Notes and Domino developer or administrator can expect when using Ytria tools.

Keep in mind that the ROI figures shown correspond to average use of the full version of the product. Many customers have found that our tools pay for themselves within merely a few days of use.

Typical Return on Investment for IBM Notes

scanEZ | 2 weeks


signEZ | 6 weeks


viewEZ | Typically on first use


actionbarEZ | Typically on first use


designpropEZ | 6 weeks


consoleEZ | 1 week


Typical Return on Investment for IBM Notes

scanEZ | 2 weeks


aclEZ | 1 week


agentEZ | 1 week


signEZ | 6 weeks


replicationEZ | Typically on first use


consoleEZ | 3 days


databaseEZ | 2 weeks