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replicationEZ gives you unmatched replication management abilities: from parsing all databases and their replicas across multiple servers to mass-auditing replication discrepancies, to comparing properties, ACLs, selective replication formulas and more, so you can truly know what is going on in your environment.

All this without ever having to open your Administrator client.

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A complete map of your HCL Domino replication landscape

replicationEZ is a game changer, letting you see a global replication snapshot—including a graphical chart of your replication topology, and up to 80 different properties—across multiple servers all at once. Approach your analyses from the angle that best suits your task: zoom in on any problems from the larger context, or perform a forensic analysis directly concentrating on a suspected problem database.

  • See all databases and their replicas across multiple servers in one central interface.
  • View replication histories from multiple databases and all of their replicas.
  • See a breakdown explaining the quantity of replicas you have on each server, and which databases those servers have in common. Uncover duplicate replicas instantly, and pinpoint where replicas are missing.
  • Find problems by comparing replica contents—such as the number of documents, designs, ACL entries, or agents—across as many databases as you like.
  • Quickly identify databases suspected to have replication problems and further analyze them using a variety of forensic options.

Identify databases that haven’t been replicated, by way of a global replication snapshot.

Identify duplicate replicas that still have replication enabled.

  • Display the histories of multiple databases at once, as well as clear them simultaneously.
  • Retrieve a complete visual chart of the replication history of a given database in just a couple of clicks. Set your chart up however you like, for a variety of different insights.
  • Generate charts for multiple databases quickly using the Ytria automation features.
  • Easily export your charts to images.

Quickly understand the reason behind inconsistent replicas by visualizing their replication histories.

  • Discover all replicas of a given database across multiple servers, and get a detailed readout of their replication properties.
  • View all replication history entries in a flexYview-enabled interface for easy data manipulation, as well as in a graphical replication history chart.
  • Re-replicate databases, copy ACLs across replicas, and more in only a few clicks.
  • Compare contents across replicas. See the number of documents and designs—even different classes of designs such as replication formula notes and deletion stubs.
  • Work with low-level replication paths – track notes, and compare ACLs or agents across replicas; analyze and modify replication settings and selective replication formulas; and more.

Discover how the Domino Directory has replicated throughout your environment.

Ensure replication integrity across all replicas of a database by comparing contents and identifying discrepancies.

replicationEZ L1
replicationEZ L1

Multi-angle replication analysis for servers and databases

Trying to weed out replication problems proactively can be a struggle, and most will go unnoticed until it’s too late. No matter what the problem is, replicationEZ gives you numerous ways to approach your analysis while seeing the entire replication situation in one place. Get a thorough replication analysis from many different angles—no matter what your starting point.

  • Track up to 1000 notes—based on their UNIDs—across all replicas of any given database.
  • Trace complete, note-specific replication paths and information, such as ‘Added in This File’ dates, to pinpoint documents’ origin server. Find out the creator of the document in only a few clicks.
  • Check if your replication is efficient and correct thanks to the ability to see the time replication has taken between servers.
  • Track down the origins of resurrected “ghost” documents that have been replicated back into your environment – and fix the cause.

Get a 100% accurate second opinion on how your cluster and/or scheduled replication works.

Track the path of resurrected “ghost” documents to find their entry point into your environment (and maybe uncover who created them).

  • Compare all ACLs and their properties for multiple databases – in one, functionally-enhanced interface.
  • Instantly see where ACLs don’t match between replicas thanks to automatic inconsistency indicators.
  • Even out ACL irregularities easily—copying ACLs between replicas on two or more servers in a couple of clicks.

Cross-reference ACLs across replicas to ensure smooth replication.

  • See, instantly, if agents are replicated uniformly across all replicas (inconsistencies are automatically highlighted for you).
  • View basic agent property information for all replicas at once—categorize data by any given setting, such as the server they’re set to run on.
  • Repair any agent inconsistencies you find, thanks to direct integration with agentEZ.

Ensure cross-replica agent presence and consistent agent properties.

  • Compare large amounts of databases and all their replicas in an intuitive, central, grid interface to uncover all conflicts, all in just a couple of clicks.
  • Act on the conflicts you’ve found fast through the detailed conflict document report.
  • Resolve conflicts quickly and without losing any data through options available directly within the right-click menu—thanks to tight integration with scanEZ and its revolutionary Conflict Solver.

Uncover, understand, and painlessly resolve conflicts across databases and servers.

  • Cross-verify database and replica contents. See a breakdown by criteria such as the number of documents and designs, form and field class notes, deletion stubs, etc.
  • Expose inconsistencies and problems fast with the ability to analyze multiple databases and their replicas in a single interface—no alternate sessions required.
  • See a complete map of the replication sequence, compare ACLs, or analyze selective replication formulas.
  • Resolve any discovered problems in only a couple of clicks. For example, to clear replication histories, launch console commands, and much more.
  • Tight integration across EZ Suite tools lets you explore individual databases by opening scanEZ’s Replication Auditor directly from the context menu.

Compare contents and identify discrepancies, across all replicas of a database.

Compare and verify miscellaneous properties across all replicas at once.

HCL Notes database replication issues, solved

replicationEZ allows you to approach replication in new and better ways, either through a tell-all global snapshot, or through a targeted, forensics-based approach. But what if you do find problems? We’ve got you covered! Fix your replication situation, regardless of what problems you may find and how you find them.

  • See replication histories for multiple databases and ALL their replicas in one place for easy and the analysis, and clear them ALL within a couple of clicks.
  • Launch replication for multiple databases simultaneously, directly from replicationEZ.

Get a clear understanding of your environment’s replication dynamics by analyzing all replication histories.

Analyze applications and identify instances that haven’t replicated in a while. Then clear histories and replicate—all from one place.

  • Instantly see where replicas should have been created but were not.
  • Create brand new replicas for multiple databases simultaneously—without any need to open your Administrator client—in only a few clicks.

Find applications within a cluster that haven’t replicated. Create and synchronize new replicas quickly and directly.

  • Oversee elusive selective replication formulas for multiple databases and ALL of their replicas in one central grid interface.
  • Understand what replication formulas are really doing by analyzing formula criteria and replication relationships thanks to the powerful data manipulation capabilities of the flexYview.
  • Remove faulty formulas from databases and their replicas in only a few clicks.

Quickly identify any selective replication formulas that may be filtering content replication, across all replicas of a database.

  • Check and change miscellaneous non-replicating database properties, such as Disable Transaction Logging and Don’t Overwrite Free Space, directly through the context menu.
  • Edit replication properties, such as Temporarily Disable Replication and Purge Interval Replication Control for multiple databases and ALL their replicas simultaneously.

Temporarily disable replication for all replicas of a given database at once.

replicationEZ L1
replicationEZ L1

Effortless upkeep for your replication architecture

Explore the inner workings of essential components such as the cluster replicator and connection documents. Contrast the theory behind your replication architecture against the true setup, and quickly see what’s missing—the REAL cause of issues. Perform thorough background checks on your clusters, and keep your connection documents in line with replicationEZ.

  • Retrieve a complete comparison list of all the databases and replicas that span the given cluster that you are working in.
  • View and analyze replica status in one complete interface. Get the same central, global overview for cluster related properties and settings as you have for other database properties.
  • Categorize your analysis results by important properties such as ‘Marked for deletion’ and ‘Do not replicate’ and make use of the exclusive ‘Is on’ server property to determine if the settings are truly correct.
  • Spot duplicates instantly thanks to automatic duplicate detection.

Get a 100% accurate second opinion on how your cluster and/or scheduled replication works.

  • Make sense of all connection documents with a clear list of all databases referenced by these connection documents—all displayed in a flexible output panel with built-in data manipulation features. Categorize by Filename, Server, Replication Type, etc.
  • Instantly retrieve a graphical chart of connection document settings referencing a given database.

Quickly identify missing or extraneous connection documents for your names.nsf.

Beyond the tools: reporting, integration, and automation

Thorough documentation and reporting are essential aspects of your work, and when talking about something as important as replication, reporting is key. When you work in replicationEZ you work in a feature-rich interface that is a tool in and of itself. Learn about replicationEZ’s essential extras: from quick reporting, to integration with your environment, to Ytria’s adaptive API.

Export data quickly and directly from any replicationEZ grid. Create reports in HTML, Excel, XML, and CSV, or simply copy/paste your data from the grid.

Leverage built-in bridges between replicationEZ and other EZ Suite products, as well as your native Designer client.

Extend replicationEZ’s scope through your own scripts that let you repeat functions across an even larger scale. You can even use the command line integration to create push-button, multi-step process launchers.

Scan multiple servers for invalid ACL entries, and export a report of your findings to an Excel sheet, all in only a few clicks.

Find and report all scheduled agents that have and have not run on a given server and create a concise report of agents in both conditions.

replicationEZ L1
replicationEZ - How does it work

Local installation, far-reaching power

Installed on the client side only, replicationEZ is completely independent from your Notes client. Because of this, replicationEZ offers you speed and power, and independence that just isn’t possible with any native solution.

replicationEZ is a standalone compiled application coded in an efficient, low-level language. When installed, its executable file (replicationEZ.exe) is detached into your Notes Program Directory. Each time you start replicationEZ, a new Notes session is created, independent from your Notes client session. This means that replicationEZ runs parallel to your Notes and Designer client and thus will not interfere in any way.

In fact, you can think of replicationEZ as a special “Admin client” to help you oversee and manage all aspects of database replication across as many servers as you may need.

You can even select which ID you want to work with—without having to switch IDs in your Notes or Designer client!

Like all other Ytria tools, replicationEZ is installed on the client side ONLY. There is no need to install anything on the server, and being a local install means no system downtime.

replicationEZ offers you a multitude of features that surpass the functionality available in both the Notes and Designer clients (such as the ability to parse and display databases and their basic properties even for encrypted databases, or those you can’t normally access), but our tools NEVER bypass Notes security. Certain key options, such as modifying application settings, analyzing their content or ACLs, issuing console commands, or enabling Full Access Administration, require you to have the proper access rights to use them.

With replicationEZ, you can modify hundreds or thousands of databases in merely a few clicks. With that much such power available, how can you know that you’re making the right changes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Your modifications are protected by a two-step saving process that allows you to review your changes before deploying them—regardless of the modifications you’ve made.

The fact that replicationEZ is an independent, compiled program puts it in the position to outperform the Admin client or agents coded in LotusScript. But beyond that, replicationEZ can handle hundreds (even thousands) of databases across a multitude of servers, as well as display over 80 properties and settings for all those databases at once, giving you a much better overview of your global replication landscape. Loading that many databases and their settings is almost instantaneous, but scanning their contents (documents, designs, and even different classes of designs) to compare replicas can take a bit of time. We’ve built a bunch of pre-loading filter options into replicationEZ so you can pinpoint only the databases that you absolutely need to work with.

replicationEZ operates through the official Notes API channels; any changes that you perform will be reflected in the appropriate Domino logs upon saving them, however, we offer much more extensive history and log options than the native solutions. You can also create a special Modification Log database in which every single save operation performed using our EZ Suite tools will be logged. You can place this database on either your local machine, or one of your servers. You can even use our licensing system to route logging for all EZ Suite users into a central log database.

* HCL formerly known as IBM Notes and Domino, and Lotus Notes.


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