Easy, large-scale visibility and management of HCL Notes design properties

Manage design properties in your HCL Notes databases in an easy-to-use tool that lets you audit and edit on a large scale, and with full, global insight.

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A better, more powerful way to manage design properties

The power to parse and view all the designs and their properties for an entire database at a time means you’ll have easy ways to see the global situation without having to click through design by design. Editing properties across multiple designs becomes quick and easy, and on a larger scale than ever before. You’ll be able to see the entire situation and eliminate guesswork from your decisions.

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Unequalled global design property audit

Using designPropEZ you can get a handle on the entire design property situation of an entire database in only a couple of clicks, regardless of your access. Get the insight you need to make truly fast and accurate audits of design properties over entire databases—all at once, without restrictions.

  • See the entire design property situation of an entire database in only a couple of clicks, regardless of your access.
  • See all designs—even private design elements and Eclipse files—contained within a database displayed in a flexible grid-style UI.
  • Zero in on specific properties and their statuses, design types, and more thanks to powerful grouping and sorting capabilities.
  • Edit properties directly from the grid.
designPropEZ L1
designPropEZ L1

Mass-edit power for design properties across an entire database

With designPropEZ, in addition to the powerful full-database audit functions that put all designs and their properties right under your fingertips, you can simply select and edit whatever you choose directly within the flexible grid interface. With a complete overview of an entire database’s designs and power over them all—working with these properties has never been easier.

  • Activate/deactivate high-level properties such as ‘Prohibit Refresh’ and ‘Propagate Prohibit’ on multiple designs, even across different design classes, all at once, in only a couple of clicks.
  • Modify languages and text sort order with the insight of a complete database-wide overview.
  • Add Readers to multiple designs over multiple design classes at once.
  • Automate designPropEZ to extend this functionality over entire servers worth of databases.

Beyond the tools: reporting, integration, and automation

Thorough documentation and reporting are essential aspects of your work, and expandability is always a good thing. Ranging from straightforward copy/paste actions directly from the grid into a spreadsheet, to exports using one of many output options, you can find a solution for any reporting needs in designPropEZ. What’s more, if you can do it in the UI, then you can also integrate it into a powerful automation script.

Export data quickly and directly from any designPropEZ grid. Create reports in HTML, Excel, XML, and CSV, or simply copy/paste your data from the grid.

Leverage built-in bridges between products to open your target server in consoleEZ, open your current databases in agentEZ, scanEZ, or replicationEZ to analyze their contents, find replicas, and more. Use databaseEZ as a server-wide database “control center” and run batch design editing processes on a selection of databases in only a few clicks.

Extend databaseEZ’s scope through your own scripts that let you repeat functions across an even larger scale.

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designPropEZ - How does it work

Local installation, far-reaching power

Installed on the client side only, designPropEZ is completely independent from your Notes client. Because of this, designPropEZ offers you speed and power, and independence that just isn’t possible with any native solution.

designPropEZ is a standalone compiled application coded in an efficient, low-level language. When installed, its executable file (designPropEZ.exe) is detached into your Notes Program Directory. Each time you start designPropEZ, a new Notes session is created, independent from your Notes client session. This means that designPropEZ runs parallel to your Notes client and thus will not interfere in any way.

In fact, you can think of designPropEZ as a special “Notes client” that can parse and display all properties for all design elements at once across an entire database. You can even select which ID you want to work with—without having to switch IDs in your Notes client!

As with the rest of the Ytria tools, designPropEZ is installed on the client side ONLY. There is no need to install anything on the server, and being a local install means no system downtime.

designPropEZ offers you a multitude of features that surpass the functionality available in both the Notes and Designer clients (such as the ability to view all views and folders, their indexes, and all properties even with Reader access only), yet our tools NEVER bypass Notes security. Certain key options such as which ID file you’d like to use for your designPropEZ session, or enabling Full Access Administration, require you to have the proper access rights in order to use them.

The fact that designPropEZ is an independent, compiled program puts it in the position to outperform the Designer client. But beyond that, designPropEZ can display thousands of designs’ properties all at once. Loading all of this information can take a bit of time. Don’t worry though, we’ve built a set of pre-loading filter options—such as selecting designs that are Private, Hidden, Notes Hide—into designPropEZ so you can pinpoint only the designs that you absolutely need to work with.

designPropEZ operates through the official Notes API channels; any changes that you perform are will be reflected by a signature change upon saving them. However, we offer much more extensive history and log options than the native solutions. You have the option to create a special Modification Log database in which every single operation performed using our EZ Suite tools will be logged. You can place this database on either your local machine, or one of your servers. You can even use our licensing system to route logging for all EZ Suite users into a central log database.

* HCL formerly known as IBM Notes and Domino, and Lotus Notes.


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