Solve the Microsoft 365 admin challenges you thought were impossible, without relying on PowerShell scripts.

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Accelerate and improve HCL Notes and Domino administration without writing code.

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Ytria provides innovative software solution to solve the most challenging problems faced by administrators of Microsoft 365 and HCL Notes Domino environments. We’re an IT admin’s best friend.

Do more in less time without PowerShell.

“With PowerShell scripts, it can take hours to tackle a typical task. With sapio365, it takes only minutes!”

Tools for IT admins who hate writing code.

“I’ve been using EZ suite tools for a long time and there’s no task that I can’t handle quickly, safely and without writing code!”

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Easy Microsoft Office 365 Reporting without PowerShell

Easy Microsoft Office 365 Reporting without PowerShell

It can be tough to be a Microsoft 365 admin if you don’t know PowerShell. It can be a helpful tool for accomplishing many regular tasks such as…

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How to find and eliminate Microsoft Office 365 multi factor authentication gaps

How to find and eliminate MFA gaps in Microsoft 365

Finding security gaps is often a task that falls into the lap of a company’s IT department. Ensuring that users have implemented strong Microsoft…

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How to find inactive Office 365 licenses

How to find inactive Microsoft 365 licenses

Microsoft license costs can represent a huge chunk of a budget so it’s important to keep an eye on them. IT admins know that finding and revoking…

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