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Explore all the ways you can repair and improve your M365 environment.

Increase productivity, reduce the negative impact of IT administration issues, easily manage your hybrid configurations, even for very large communities of users…and so much more.
It all boils down to your peace of mind, even when faced with the most complex issues.

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sapio365 microsoft 365 administration

Your central IT platform:
modular, configurable and comprehensive

Use this all-in-one IT platform and provide more effective management of small to very large Microsoft 365 user communities, vast opportunities for cost savings, and reduce stress levels for IT staff.
It fully supports hybrid configurations, as well as automation of tasks and even task delegation.
And configurable pricing options means it can be customized to your company’s budget.

sapio365 Design

Our design is driven by 5 guiding principles, each one focused on ensuring your problems are solved in the most efficient and straightforward way

An unmatched access
to and visibility of ALL
customer DATA

A focus on AUTOMATION: “Automate what should be automated. Delegate what
must be delegated.”

A product configured to each
CUSTOMER’S needs and only
to their NEEDS

A comprehensive support for HYBRID and COLLABORATIVE environments

Complete SECURITY of
customer data

sapio365 Solutions


Hybrid 365

Manage hybrid configurations seamlessly from a central dashboard without coding.

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Automate both simple and complex tasks.
Create your own automated tasks.

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Delegate IT tasks
to non-IT users with total security.

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License management

Manage your licenses more efficiently and reduce operating costs.

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Large user communities

Manage even the largest
communities of users.

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sapio365 Unique Capabilities

Manage groups

From full-scope audits,
to intricate group governance

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Manage Team channels

Full visibility of public and
private Team channels

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Manage licenses

Cost-saving features to tighten up
license and service plan allocation

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Manage OneDrive and document libraries

A central platform to manage sharing and access permissions, audit and more

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Manage mail and
calendar settings

No-code administration of mailbox
permissions and settings, as well as events

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Manage user

From onboarding to user account
closure and backup at scale

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Use Cases

Explore these use cases to deal with common Microsoft 365 challenges

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