Your Office 365 administration, faster, easier, and more accurate

Get clear and easy access to all types of user, group, and site information with sapio365, the desktop client for Office 365 administration that lets you manage your tenant data with total visibility.

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Accomplish your largest tasks, without any coding.

Manage your Office 365 tenant completely, whether you know any PowerShell or not.

sapio365 is a standalone admin client for Office 365 that lets you accomplish a whole range of administration tasks faster and easier without any of the limitations of web-based portals, and without the need to write a single line of PowerShell script.

Move beyond frustrating web portal pagination and click-throughs. Stop "flying blindly" through tons of code.

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A full range of Office 365 administration possibilities, from the tiniest user task, to intense admin "what ifs"

Gain control of your groups

Gain control of your groups

See and work with all aspects of any number of groups in your tenant, including conversations, files, and more, all in one place. Adding and removing memberships is simple on any scale.

Get to crucial tenant data fast

Get to your crucial tenant data fast

Complete visibility of your tenant data, coupled with the ability to handle an unmatched volume of data, lets you get right to the data you need. No coding needed!

User licenses and service plans

See all licenses, service plans, and provisioning status for all users

In only a few clicks, you'll have the whole picture of every user's license and service plan status. Easily find who has services enabled.

See the entirety of OneDrive files across your tenant

See all OneDrive files across your tenant

Get a tenant-wide vision of all OneDrive items. Categorize info by any number of attributes such as size, file type, the user and/or group they belong to, and more.

Manage delivery restrictions easily

Manage delivery restrictions easily

See all accepted and rejected senders for any number of groups at once. Add more restrictions, or delete them with full knowledge of the situation.

Optimize your entire user management process

Optimize your entire user management process

Manage all aspects of users, including group memberships, profile info, role assignments, creating new user profiles, and more—easily and without a single cmdlet.

Skip the coding. We've got you covered!

Get your administration tasks finished faster, hassle-free.
Maintain complete visibility of tenant data for more accurate work now, and better insights later.
Increase your productivity, without needing to increase your PowerShell scripting knowledge.

sapio365 means…

The prefix sapio- comes from the Latin word ‘sapere’ meaning knowledge, learning.
sapio365 means total access to, and knowledge about, your Office 365 tenant data.

Administer your Office 365 tenant faster and easier with sapio365.

How do I get started using sapio365?

You can get started with sapio365 in about 5 minutes. Here's how.

How do I get started using sapio365?

sapio365's Messages view with multiple users' messages shown and categorized by user name

Which session type should I use?

sapio365's Directory Roles view showing all tenant roles and the users whom they are assigned to

Which session type should I use?

Learn all about the three different session types in sapio365. See what you can access according to your user rights, as well as how to start using sapio365's powerful Ultra Admin session.

Can you answer some questions about sapio365?

Find answers to some of the most popular and pressing questions about sapio365 including security, data caching, and more. Or, ask your own question.

Where is sapio365 going? 

sapio365's OneDrive files view showing multiple groups' OneDrive files and showing duplicate files

Where is sapio365 going? 

sapio365's OneDrive files view showing multiple groups' OneDrive files and showing duplicate files

Where has sapio365 been?

Once you see where sapio365 has been, you'll get a good indication of where it's going to go in the future.

What are some things you can do with sapio365?




sapio365 gathers all tenant data—users, groups, OneDrive files, calendar events, etc.— and displays it in one flexible interface. Explore how your tenant data is interweaved for drill-downs that just weren't possible before, and approach your analysis and management on a large scale.




We can't mention everything, of course, but here are just a few things that you can do—in merely a few clicks—with sapio365:




View all your data at once—everything in one place.

Easily perform mass data edits.

Get total access to data across all user accounts.

Optimize storage easily, and with full, global insight.

Seamlessly switch users and run multiple different user sessions simultaneously.

Categorize displayed data with drag-and-drop ease.