Make sure your agents are running when and where they’re supposed to

Manage your agents better thanks to a complete vision of agent activity across an entire server, as well as mass-edit capabilities.

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Manage your agents in a better way

agentEZ is a tool that lets you work with your agents in context, by seeing all agents on a server at once. See what other agents are doing to be able to plan concurrent agent run-times accordingly. View, analyze, or edit any of their settings en-masse without any need to use your Designer client.

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Complete overview of a server’s agent schedule

When it comes to an entire server’s agent schedule, there just isn’t any practical native Notes solution for viewing the big picture. agentEZ has you covered by letting you view ALL agents on a server, scheduled or not, regardless of whether they have already run or are set to run on a server—all within two clicks. Never guess about your agents again.

  • See ALL agents on a server, scheduled or not, regardless of whether they have already run or are set to run on a server—all in two clicks.
  • Access and analyze an entire server’s worth of agents’ schedule-related properties such as Status (enabled/disabled), Schedule Type and Schedule, Run On, and more in one central grid interface for deep insight into your server-wide agent schedule.
  • See agent trends, detect possible runtime overlap, and more thanks to intuitive grouping and sorting options for arranging agent data shown in the grid.
  • Modify multiple schedule-related properties for one or more agents simultaneously, directly from the grid—all while being able to compare them against each other.
  • See when scheduled agents ran and when they will run in a convenient, graphical Agent Timeline display—very useful when analyzing concurrent agent issues.

Find and correct agents set to run on the wrong servers.

Get a clear understanding of when your agents are set to run on your server.

agentEZ L1
agentEZ L1

Server-wide, visual display of agent run-history

agentEZ is a powerful tool that presents server-wide agent history information, including ample data that isn’t even available in Notes, in one central interface. Reveal the truth behind all agents’ behavior—across an entire server—in just a few clicks.

  • See log information for multiple agents at once, and zero-in on specific log entries fast thanks to powerful data filters.
  • Access exclusive Last Run Duration information not even available in Notes. Use powerful data handling abilities to get a thorough understanding of your longest running agents, or find agents that may have exceeded their runtime limit.
  • Get an on-demand visual map of the exact run time of all the agents on your server to spot ideal scheduling times or even out heavy server usage.

Find agents that aren’t running correctly across an entire server.

Establish a complete overview of agent logs—all in one central interface.

Full security checkups for your agents

Agents must be accessed and adjusted one at a time in HCL Notes and Domino; a practical solution for auditing agent security properties has been a bit of a pipe dream. agentEZ is your central access point for server-wide security analysis of all the agents on your server, allowing you far greater insights than any native solution.

  • Easily categorize all agents by runtime security level for a full understanding of the global situation in only a few clicks.
  • Get an instant overview of the ratio of private vs. shared agents across an entire server.
  • Craft reports of anything you find, through easy-to-use pre-formatted export options.
  • Quickly find agents signed by users who are no longer in company—along with automatic NAB presence verification. Remedy any problems found quickly with a direct bridge to signEZ, our comprehensive signature tool.
  • Find (or prevent) the source of problems with Out-of-Office agents for multiple users at once (such as enabled out-of-office agents on archive databases or on servers that use the Out-of-Office service).

Display your agents by signers and identify agents that should be running but can’t—due to outdated signatures.

agentEZ L1
agentEZ L1

Agent modifications with global visibility

With the unique insight over your agents that only agentEZ can provide, and the ability to perform mass-changes directly from within the grid, you have a complete agent management system that is clearer and more powerful than any native option or other 3rd party solution.

  • Modify all agent properties, even across multiple agents — regardless of which database they are in. Enable/disable, rename, or delete multiple agents simultaneously.
  • Manage “generic properties” over entire families of agents: Set Runtime Security Level, toggle ‘Run as Web user’, modify the default agent Run and View Access requirements, and more.
  • Handle scheduling properties with an unprecedented insight into the way your agents are functioning. Edit ‘Run On’ and ‘Run On Behalf Of’ properties across multiple agents at once – all in just a few clicks.

Modify your agent runtimes on a mass scale to optimize server performance.

Beyond the tools: reporting, integration, and automation

Thorough documentation and reporting are essential aspects of your work and expandability is always a good thing. Offering you a powerful tool to oversee the detailed picture of all agents on a server from multiple angles isn’t the end of the story for agentEZ. Learn about agentEZ’s essential extras: from quick reporting, to integration with your environment, to Ytria’s adaptive API.

Export data quickly and directly from any agentEZ grid. Create reports in HTML, Excel, XML, and CSV, or simply copy/paste your data from the grid.

Leverage built-in bridges between products to open your target server in agentEZ, open relevant databases in aclEZ, scanEZ, or replicationEZ to analyze their contents, find replicas, and more.

Extend agentEZ’s scope through your own scripts that let you repeat functions across an even larger scale. You can even use the command line integration to create push-button, multi-step process launchers.

Export an Agent Timeline image for agents within a selection of databases.

Get a fast status report for all enabled and scheduled agents.

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agentEZ - How does it work

How does agentEZ work?

Like all of Ytria’s EZ suite tools, agentEZ is installed on the client side only, completely independent from your Notes client. Thanks to this, agentEZ offers you speed and power that just isn’t possible in any native solution.

agentEZ is a standalone compiled application coded in an efficient, low-level language. When installed, its executable file (agentez.exe) is detached into your Notes Program Directory. Each time you start agentEZ, a new session is created, independent from your Notes client session.

This means that agentEZ runs parallel to your Notes client and thus will not interfere in any way. In fact, you can think of agentEZ as a special “Notes client” to help you oversee and manage your agents and their settings across the entire server. You can even select which ID you want to work with—without having to switch IDs in your Notes client!

Like all other Ytria tools, agentEZ is installed on the client side ONLY. There is no need to install anything on the server, and being a local install means no system downtime.

That’s a good question! When working with agents (especially high runtime security level agents), security IS a crucial subject. Although agentEZ offers you a multitude of features that surpass the functionality available in both the Administrator and Designer clients (such as the ability to view agents and their properties even with Reader access only), our tools NEVER bypass Notes security. Certain key options, such as modifying agents, choosing which ID file you’d like to use for your agentEZ session or enabling Full Access Administration, require you to have the proper access rights in order to use them.

With agentEZ, you can modify hundreds of agents, and any of their properties in merely a few clicks. With such power available, how can you know that you’re making the right changes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Your modifications are protected by a two-step saving process which allows you to review your changes before deploying them—regardless of the modification you’ve performed.

The fact that agentEZ is an independent, compiled program, puts it in the position to outperform built-in Notes and Domino solutions.

But beyond that, agentEZ can handle hundreds (or even thousands) of agents and hundreds of thousands of agent-log lines, giving you a much better overview of your global agent situation. Loading all of this information can take a bit of time. Don’t worry though, we’ve built a bunch of pre-loading filter options into agentEZ so you can pinpoint the information that you absolutely need to load—such as the types of agents to load.

There is also a two-step loading process to optimize data loading times.

agentEZ operates through the official Notes API channels; any changes that you perform will be reflected by a signature change upon saving them. However, we offer much more extensive history and log options than the native solutions. You have the option to create a special Modification Log database in which every single operation performed using our EZ Suite tools will be logged. You can place this database on either your local machine, or one of your servers. You can even use our licensing system to route logging for all EZ Suite users into a central log database.

* HCL formerly known as IBM Notes and Domino, and Lotus Notes.


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