What’s new in EZ Suite 20

00:40:45 MIN

EZ Suite 20 is brimming with many new features that will make life even easier for Notes admins and devs. We’ve made the FlexyView grid even more versatile with a rich and robust infrastructure and new ways to organize and analyze data.

Learn all about the new possibilities EZ Suite 20 holds for your administration and development

In this webcast, we’ll explore some of the new features that will improve the way you work with Notes Domino, including the ability to:

  • Select multiple entries in the grid or tree using a CSV or Excel file
  • Search and replace on Rich Text fields in Diff/Values grids
  • Test Formulas in Diff/Value grid to evaluate a formula on multiple documents
  • Manage new properties introduced in Domino 10
  • Work more comprehensively with ACLs, including group management
  • And much more!

Time-Stamped outline

Here is what the webcast will cover (2:06)

Part I: The flexyview, richer and more responsive (4:00)

Part II: Global improvements (16:16)

Part III: actionBarEZ, viewEZ, signEZ, designPropEZ (18:15)

Part IV: aclEZ (19:34)

Part V:  scanEZ (20:42)

Part VI:  replicationEZ (27:00)

Part VII:  databaseEZ (31:22)

EZ Suite

See just how much faster and more fluid your HCL Notes and Domino administration and development can be.