Essentials for IBM Notes Development
& IBM Domino Administration
IBM Lotus Software
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General Information

  • IBM Notes and Domino (Lotus Notes) R6.x, R7.x, R8.x, R9.x compatible
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible
  • Installs on the Notes client (and NOT on the server)
  • Runs independently of Notes—can run several sessions simultaneously
  • It runs even if the Notes client is busy (or even crashes)
  • Automatic tool update feature
  • Full Access Administration option
  • Localization capabilities
  • Launched from a Notes SmartIcon/Toolbar or from its executable file

Auditing Signatures

  • Audit all signatures in a database, make sure they are signed properly, and sign any elements that need to be signed

Signing Design Elements

  • Choose a database or specify precise design elements to be signed
  • Sign selected databases and design elements, all in one process. Important when you use a central ID to sign all code that goes into production.
  • Select the ID file you want to use to sign with, enter the password, and sign

Storing and Delegating Signature IDs

  • Store your password and sign databases, without having to re-enter your password each time
  • Store signing IDs in the signEZ database, along with their passwords (and still keep control of your signing IDs)
  • Allow others through an access list to use stored IDs to sign databases (without them knowing the password)
  • ID passwords are encrypted to ensure security requirements (using standard Notes security)

Signature Preferences

  • Option to exclude certain signature/audit process elements from being signed with a specific ID (such as, elements signed with your ID)
  • Save your signature and audit options for every Notes database
  • Saved options will be available each time you use signEZ
  • Can automatically switch to a signature ID, and sign in the background (you do not need to switch IDs)
  • History list of previous signEZ databases in the 'Link to Another signEZ Database' dialog (which facilitates signature database switching).


  • Audit signatures and obtain a detailed log (signature names & dates) for each design element
  • Save in a Notes database, a log of all signatures or audits being executed

Cross Certificates

  • Share cross certificates by uploading and copying cross certificates in signEZ

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