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Return On Investment (ROI)

Without the right tools...
You're wasting time and losing money

IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) developers and Domino administrators have tough jobs: they need to think about getting applications running and how their choices will impact the thousands of people who will use them.

Unfortunately, they must also divide their time with the time-consuming and repetitive minutiae inherent in developing or administering sometimes several hundred IBM Notes applications. There is a calculable financial and strategic cost for this—which can be dramatically reduced with the right software tools.

Savings Chart

Our software focuses on reducing the time spent on the numerous daily activities which typically consume 47% of a developer/administrator's workday. The charts below demonstrate the time (and money) lost when not using Ytria's specifically designed software to solve common IBM Notes development and administration challenges.

"Near-Instant ROI"

Based on customer feedback, this table shows a typical Return on Investment a IBM Notes and Domino developer or administrator can expect to gain when using Ytria tools. Keep in mind that the ROI figures shown correspond to average use of the full version of the product. Many customers have found that our tools pay for themselves within merely a few days of use.

Typical Return on Investment for a...
IBM Notes Developer IBM Notes Administrator
scanEZ 2 weeks 2 weeks
aclEZ N/A* 1 week
agentEZ 6 weeks 1 week
signEZ 6 weeks 6 weeks
viewEZ Typically on first use N/A*
actionBarEZ Typically on first use N/A*
designPropEZ Typically on first use N/A*
replicationEZ N/A* Typically on first use
consoleEZ 1 week 3 days
databaseEZ N/A* 2 weeks

*Not Applicable – While not all of the tools align with the immediate needs of both admins AND devs, there are situations where these more specialized tools can prove helpful for isolated tasks across roles.

I've been very enthusiastic about Ytria tools right from the beginning--they've saved me so much time and made things about Notes and the .nsf structure so much clearer to me.

I've never once regretted paying the license fee because I got so much more back.

Thank you for the regular improvements to your software tools. I appreciate the fact they let me do things in one click that sometimes aren't even possible with other tools.
— Holger Chudek, Perfect Chain Groupware Beratung

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Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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