Test drive the pre-release version

EZ Suite 20!


EZ Suite 20 is here! 

Just wait until you see what we have for you – a revamped grid, heaps of automation and…

So. Many. Features.


For all the tools, you’ll see:
• A new grid infrastructure with cool ways to organize and analyze your data.
• New automation capabilities to create even more automated tasks
• The ability to keep your current session ID when launching a different EZ Suite tool from another tool (example: launching databaseEZ from scanEZ).
• SSL-compliance for licensing, update and notification communications from the products to Ytria.

In scanEZ, you’ll be able to:
• Search the full content of multiple views and folders in a Hierarchical view, like in Diff-Values.
• Make tree and grid selections from a CSV or Excel file.
• Test formulas in the Diff/Value grid to evaluate a formula on multiple documents.
• Get a preview and a confirmation dialog when editing in Diff/Values to avoid mistakes.
• Use ‘Document Analyzer’ on a selected tree node or on a checkbox selection.
• Use search and replace on Rich Text fields in Diff/Values grids.
• Restore Soft Deletions way faster.

If you use the other EZ Suite tools, you’ll be able to:
• Choose to see the consoleEZ dashboard upon launching.
• Add multiple members to a group at one time in aclEZ, including in the Group Explorer grid.
• Take into account Alternate Names during the ‘Check Presence’ operation in aclEZ.
• Compare unread document counts between replicas in replicationEZ, and copy an Unread Table from one replica to other replicas.
• Copy ACL core design settings by default when creating a new replica with replicationEZ.
• Edit cluster-related properties ‘Out Of Service’ and ‘Marked for Deletion’ in replicationEZ and in databaseEZ.
• Edit ‘Deletion status’ and ‘Deletion Log Items’ properties (introduced in Domino 10) in databaseEZ.

A new major release of Ytria’s EZ Suite looms on the horizon and we’re offering you, as one of our esteemed users, an exclusive opportunity to test drive the new pre-release version before we take this news public. All we ask in return is that you give us your feedback, both positive and negative. Let us know your first impressions at support@ytria.com.


Pre-release license key | Valid until August 31st, 2020
Copy and paste the license code below into the product window when prompted.


Installing the EZ Suite 20 pre-release version in parallel to your current version:
To ensure proper installation of your Ytria software, unzip (extract) the file YtriaEZSuite20RC.nsf to your local Notes\Data directory, open the database in your Notes client, click the “Install” button, and follow the instructions to complete your installation.

If you are already using Ytria tools, this installation file will perform a parallel installation of the new pre-release version, providing you with a separate toolbar (with icons indicating your pre-release version software) and EZ Suite 20 pre-release database.

Parallel installation will still allow you to benefit from Ytria Update and product integration. However, the following features are not available at this time:
• scanEZ Extension database
• scanEZ web launch extension
• signEZ server Batch database
• Ytria Designer widget

Need some help? Contact us at support@ytria.com.