December 2018

Database comparison functionality: what every Domino pro should know about the Designer client part 3

Do you use a lot of templates in your Notes work? Ytria’s CEO Eric Houvenaghel does. Templates within templates, databases referencing a template that in turn references another template, etc. So, with all this inheritance going on, sometimes when he needs to update designs he needs a quick way to get his bearings in the linkage of databases and templates. He needs a way to see if views, libraries, and other design code types are all up to date throughout the line of inheritance.

This is where the comparison function in the Designer client comes in to his workflow.

In this new Tech Lab post, Eric runs through a practical example comparing multiple databases for known changes, so you’ll know how to use the comparison feature (if you don’t already), as well as what to look for when comparing.

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Ytria is on the road with successful sessions at SPS and the upcoming IBM Think

Ytria continues to be active in both the Microsoft and IBM communities. And the last few months have been busy for Ytria’s man on the road, Chief Product Officer Ben Menesi.

After solo presenting his acclaimed session on Office 365 security at SPS events in Calgary and Toronto, and then a dual presentation with MVP Albert Hoitingh at SPS Geneva, Ben looks towards IBM Think in February 2019, where he’ll present a dual session with Christoph Adler running through some key Domino 10 features.

This session promises to be yet another reason to make the trip out to San Francisco for IBM’s flagship technology conference, IBM Think.

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Webinar: How to get the most out of the new Domino 10 administration features using the Ytria tools. January 16, 2019 9:00 AM (EST)

Domino 10 shipped jam packed with awesome new features you’ll love. And in this webinar, you’ll learn how to bring the best out of them with the Ytria tools.

We’ll talk about deletion logging, replication and synch-up, Domino On Disk Structures (ODS) and what they mean. You’ll also learn how you can enable and enhance these features using our upcoming EZ Suite tools version 19.

Join us on January 16, 2019 at 9:00 AM (EST) and see how to kickstart your Domino 10 administration with Ytria’s EZ Suite. Can’t make it? Sign up and we’ll send you the recording!

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Recording now available: Your guide to more cost-effective Office 365 administration with sapio365

sapio365 is Ytria’s new all-purpose administration client for Office 365. And this hour-long webinar will get up to speed on speeding up your Office 365 administration using sapio365.

See how to gain control over groups, optimize your entire user management process, manage licenses and service plans in bulk, and so much more?all without any coding!

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' [Ytria] make such good products we cannot live without them for a single minute :-)'

-Carlos Batalla, IBM Notes Specialist