January 2019

Eliminate false-positives in your database comparisons: What every Domino pro should know about the Designer client part 4

In this final installment of our 4-part series, we tackle false-positives like DXL headers, and teach you how to make complete Domino database comparisons, so you can concentrate on the differences that really matter. This post will also include a free, downloadable database application we created to help you to get rid of false-positives.

We’ll walk you through all its functions and show you what it can do.

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Recording available for webinar:"How to get the most out of the new Domino 10 administration features using the Ytria tools"

In case you missed it, here’s your chance to see what admins can do with the long-awaited release of Domino 10. In this webinar you’ll learn about: Deletion logging, Replication and synch-up, as well as Domino On Disk Structures (ODS) and what they mean.
You’ll also learn how you can enable and enhance these features using our upcoming EZ Suite tools version 20

Coming soon... EZ Suite v20 just in time for Ytria's 20th anniversary

Your go-to tools for Domino administration continue to evolve. With the publishing date close at hand, we decided to release version 20 of EZ Suite tools just in time for Ytria’s birthday. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store:

  • Dealing with new Domino 10 properties
  • Improvement of automation
  • Grid processing improvement
  • New scanEZ features
  • And lots more!
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Catch Ben's session with Christoph Adler atIBM Think in San Francisco

These two experts will share everything they know and love about their 15 new favorites—from the long-awaited NSF size limit boost to brand-new gems like Domino General Query Facility (DGQF), deletion logging, and more.

You’ll walk away from this candid, in-depth session with a new way to administer Domino 10, as well as a hands-on guide to properly put these great features to use. Wednesday Feb 13, 10:30 AM.

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