June 2019

Download the latest sapio365 today

If you haven’t already updated to the latest version of sapio365, we highly recommend you do so right now. We’ve got some exciting new features to share with you as well as some improvements that make sapio365 even better.

Here’s a summary of the top 3 features:

  • You can now select an Office 365 report from the new Usage Reports module to get information like who’s using a service, who’s reached their storage quota and other user and team activity.
  • Major caching improvements mean faster loading of large volumes of users and groups.
  • Work as a team in sapio365 with persistent comments on users or groups. It’s basically adding comments that you can keep private or share with your team.
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Exhibitor at Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire promises to bring together thousands of Microsoft partners from over 130 countries. We’re very excited to be exhibiting at this year’s event and we can’t wait to hear what Microsoft has planned for the year ahead!

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Silver sponsor at SPS New York + Ben Menesi speaker session

Next month we’ll be in New York, mingling with the Office 365 & SharePoint community of the Big Apple and its vicinities. SharePoint Saturday New York (now Office 365 Saturday New York) is a great opportunity to discuss and share knowledge, and to make new friends among the community members.

Also, Ben Menesi will be presenting “Office 365 from a hacker’s perspective: real-life threats, tactics, and remedies”. So be sure to catch his session and stop by our booth for a demo of sapio365 or just to say hi!

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'...when I needed to pull a global license usage location report by department, I thought: 'there goes my day' But then I remembered I have sapio365, and did it in 20 minutes.'

-Gabor Rozsa, IT Operations Manager – XAPT