Granular access controls: New from sapio365

New role-based access controls in sapio365 allow you to edit access permissions for files, group, servers, and admin control in Office 365 at a granular level. With these changes, sapio365 users can manage their cloud environment quicker and more effectively than ever.

Detailed role-based access controls

Unlike rival alternatives, and Office 365 default controls, Ytria allows you unparalleled detail in your controls. It allows you to entirely customize the scope of your access rules, based on a vast array of parameters, including job title, organization, department, Group, and much more.

For example, you can set access to a folder to apply only to users with ‘IT’ in their job title, or to actively exclude them. The possibilities for you to easily customize detailed rules for your organization are endless.

Customized parameters

Establish your own scopes for delegating role based access controls. For example, set access parameters for all users with ‘IT’ in their job title or department, or establish default permissions for your entire organization. Create your own laser-focused scopes based on a vast array of potential parameters.

Granular control

Edit permissions at multiple levels of detail, from your entire organization through teams, Groups, or individual user, including your own bespoke customized parameters.

Watertight costs

Control the number of licenses any one user can create or control, effectively capping unnecessary license creep.

Comprehensive records

sapio365 keeps a detailed log of all role-based changes that are made, so can easily identify the nature of changes, when they were made, and by whom.

Secure data

All data processed by sapio365 is stored within your Azure tenant. This means its governed by the same compliance and security policies as the rest of your data.

Take control over your environment

Role-based access controls in sapio365 complete the final piece of the Office 365 administration puzzle. It allows administrators to finely tailor the information each individual user has access within their organization. From here, they can balance the demands of maintaining security with the need to enable constant productivity.

This maximizes the value that users get from both their Office365 and sapio365 investments.