Microsoft 365 automation – Improve your work with sapio365’s job automation

From generating reports based on real-time data to scheduling mass updates when everyone’s asleep, sapio365’s Automation Jobs Library (AJL) has you covered– every feature in sapio365 can be used in an automated task.​

The Automation Jobs Library is a collection of macros or Jobs. A “Job” is a simple or complex function that can be executed with just one mouse click. Select from almost 200 Jobs that result in reports, views, or actions.


Automate what should be automated
Delegate what must be delegated

sapio365 takes automating Microsoft 365 tasks to the next level by pairing it with a granular delegation management system. The built-in role-based access control (RBAC) lets you distribute all types of Jobs to non-admin staff, freeing up your IT resources for more important projects.

Browse the Automation Jobs Library catalog

See what you can do with
sapio365 unlike native tools


Delegate tasks to non-technical staff​

Create your own AJL Jobs or let us create them for you​

Automated tasks do not require re-authentication and errors are mitigated

Delegate AJL Jobs with granular roles and scopes​

Choose from nearly 200 ready-to-run AJL Jobs​

Scheduling sapio365 AJL jobs takes just a few clicks to set up

sapio365’s AJL is growing and potentially limitless

Native tools

Simple tasks and processes can only be done by admin staff

Tools in Microsoft 365 are “one size fits all”​

Using PowerShell for large volume tasks results in timeouts, errors​

PowerShell scripts cannot be delegated​

Task automation requires complex PowerShell scripts and expertise

Scheduling tasks in Microsoft 365 or via PowerShell is complicated

Microsoft 365 reports are limited in scope and breadth

Choose sapio365 for Microsoft 365:
automate your work to do more in less time

Increase operational efficiency through automation and delegation of tasks

sapio365 allows you to automate job tasks and delegate them to junior staff members in the office. When doing so you are increasing the effectiveness of your IT operations. When automated, even the most complex IT task or process can be executed by non-technical staff members.

Empower your staff and improve your processes

Being able to distribute a greater number of tasks via sapio365 role-based access control and the Automation Jobs Library (AJL) means giving your personnel a greater sense of accomplishment and allowing them to learn. This contributes directly to job satisfaction which in return ensures greater force retention for your business.​ Building on your organizational culture will impact your business positively and increase employee engagement, effectiveness, and productivity.

Customize automation tasks

Save your business time and money by transforming recurrent “manual” IT processes into sapio365 Jobs. Create department-specific Jobs to meet their unique process requirements using sapio365 AJL Editor or by taking advantage of Ytria’s custom Job creation services.​

Speed up security checks

With automated tasks, the process of security checks is done much faster and effectively. By replacing tedious manual reporting like file sharing reports or user sign-in reports with sapio365 automation, your business’s IT department can identify and resolve threats and data leaks faster.​

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microsoft 365 automation

Automate reports, charts & actions

Working with sapio365 to automate your Microsoft 365 tasks is extremely easy. Simple or complex, a sapio365 “Job” is executed with one mouse click on large datasets. It can result in making changes or in generating a view, a report, or chart.​

Commission custom jobs​

Creating scripts for sapio365’s Automation Job Library may not be your cup of tea – after all, we promised you a coding free process. With our commission custom job service, you simply work with us to define the specifications that will get you on your way to getting exactly what you want with one click!​

Create your own “Automated Job Library” Jobs​

If you don’t see the job you want in the automated job library and you don’t mind a bit of scripting, create it yourself! Our goal is to make the program user-friendly and efficient for all of our clients. With the opportunity to modify automate jobs, we are able to reach the needs of all our clients. sapio365 automation scripting is easy to learn – modify an existing job or write one from scratch using our extensive help.​

A growing Automation Job Library catalog​

The Automation Jobs Library (AJL) grows as new features are added to sapio365 and new use cases are identified from our users’ feedback. Our goal is to make sure that you find the right AJL job to accommodate your needs for the actual “job”.​

Delegate to non-technical staff​

With the help of automation of tasks, many companies have seen an increase in diverse delegation of tasks. Delegate AJL jobs to anyone with sapio365’s built-in role-based access control. Define sapio365 access right and scopes of action to create granular roles with laser-like precision.​

Schedule jobs during off hours​

Set your sapio365 automated tasks to run when your machine and network is least busy, such as at night. When the job is finished, a report is sent to a designated email address. This aspect helps employees gain an extra substantial amount of time to spend on other pressing issues during business hours.