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Which session should I use?

Choose your sapio365 session according to the scope they provide you. Start a Standard session if you can't get admin consent or if you've been assigned a role through sapio365 RBAC. Otherwise, launch an Advanced session and get access equivalent to your Office 365 role, but with so much more at your disposal! And if you're a global admin, simply elevate your privileges to get access to mailbox and site content you don't own.

Standard session


Users can access all their own data including:

  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Drive items and their permissions
  • Group listings, group owners, and memberships
  • Calendar events for accessible mailboxes
  • Site and site list information

No admin consent needed

Advanced session


Additional access (according to user rights):

  • All users' directory properties/info
  • Memberships of hidden groups
  • Group conversations and extended group information
  • All calendar events for public groups and private groups you have access to
  • All drive items you have access to through groups, sites, or user sharing

Admin consent required

Advanced Elevated session

Advanced session with elevated privileges

Additional access (with full permissions assigned):

  • Complete account info for all users
  • All mail for all users, including attachments
  • All mailbox settings for all mailboxes
  • All drive items for all groups, users, and sites
  • All calendar information for all users and groups
  • All SharePoint site information, including lists and list items
  • All contacts for all users

Admin consent required

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