Optimize how your people work with Microsoft Teams

Organizations today leverage Microsoft 365’s Teams to increase the quality of their collaborative operations. Teams serves as a hub of shared documents and direct communication (chats) between colleagues, both internal and external.

The Right Microsoft Teams Governance Solution

While a seamless transfer of information remains critical for collaborators where broad governance policies are too restrictive, an all too common concern is that the rate and volume of this flow results in data leaks detrimental to the business. sapio365 provides the means to always see what is shared, how and with whom ensuring that increased sharing does not need to equal increased security risk.

Save time searching for documents

Since Teams provides a repository of critical information for your staff, it’s natural that they require instant access to the information they need. However, the reality is that employees spend way too much time searching for content in Teams sometimes simply because there are too many Teams or Teams with similar names created by different people (ex. Comms, Communications, Communications and marketing).

Give your Microsoft Teams Admin a break

When your users cannot find what they need, they place the burden on your IT department which suffers a similar fate because of the limitations of the native administration tools. sapio365 makes Microsoft 365 administration a breeze, including cleaning up obsolete Teams, finding lost documents and securing sensitive information.

Save everyone’s time by making Ytria’s sapio365 one of your Microsoft Teams Collaboration tools, so that your IT department can take corrective and preventive actions fast on the Teams that your employees rely on!

 Native tools

Automating and delegating Teams audits or reports is not always possible, even with Power BI skills

Limited reporting features and no ready-made task automations

Can only investigate files one Team library at a time

Shared documents are managed one at a time in the portal and require several steps to access

Impossible to clean up duplicate Teams in one shot

Managing private channel members is limited to one Team at a time

Delegating team management is limited to groups owners or very broad admin roles

Admins cannot access content of Teams or private channels they do not belong to

Bulk operations in Teams are few or limited to certain attributes in the portal and PowerShell scripting can be complex and requires expertise

Create and distribute custom automated tasks- even to non-technical staff!

Execute over 40 ready-to run Teams tasks from the sapio365 Automation Jobs Library (AJL)

All file info for multiple Teams are displayed in the same place

Document shares (permissions) can be changed across Teams

Automate the process of listing Teams with the same name and renaming them

Add or remove members to several unrelated private channels

Non-owners can manage designated sets of Teams through sapio365 RBAC

All site library content and Team chats are accessible

Update several properties or meta information in one click—no coding needed!

Elevate collaboration to the next level without compromising your Microsoft Teams security

Boost employee experience

Reduce your staff’s frustration when searching for important information in a growing volume of Teams.

sapio365 lets you easily and quickly tidy up your Teams collection and their content.

Ensure uninterrupted work

Make sure that the right people always have the right access in Teams to do their job. Easily oversee memberships, active and inactive Teams, shared documents and chats—even those in private channels.

Secure shared information

You don’t have to shut down sharing capabilities unilaterally! Prevent data leaks by always knowing what has been shared and how, and by having the tools to control access through settings and membership management.

Reduce IT backlog

Eliminate users’ inability to find the documents they need, and you ultimately eliminate the volume of tickets associated to those queries. sapio365 Microsoft Teams Governance Solution not only helps to improves collaboration but it also unburdens your IT department.

Find Teams with less than 2 owners

It’s common knowledge that Microsoft recommends a standard practice of maintaining at least 2 owners for every Team to make sure there is always someone accountable for the Team’s resources in this age of increased career mobility.

In this article we’ll look at how to make sure no Team is left ownerless.

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Get a handle on Team sprawl and plug data leaks

Get a bird’s eye view

No matter to what proportions your Teams grow, sapio365 lists them all, complete with all their properties and settings so that you don’t have to click around the admin portal!

Audit and clean up shared documents

Always know how every Teams document is shared and with whom. sapio365 lets you run automated reports and clean up tasks to avoid sharing sensitive information which can compromise your business.

Automate and delegate

Enable managers and other non-technical staff to run their own sapio365 reports or task executions even if they are not Teams owners. Keep it all under control by giving them access to only certain parts of Teams with sapio365 Microsoft Teams Governance Solution role-based access control.

Shake out obsolete Teams

So. Many. Teams. It’s easy to do some spring cleaning of Teams that are no longer in use, inactive or simply redundant—and keep it that way with just a few clicks in sapio365!

Verify & fix access to Teams

Quickly generate membership reports to ensure the right people have the right access, including private channels. Take corrective action by adding or removing members and owners directly from the reports in few clicks!

Schedule tasks during off hours

If you have heaps of Teams to process with an automated tasks, you can choose to schedule them to run after business hours to since large volume tasks can take some time and use up bandwidth. Once finished, a report is emailed to the addresses you set.