How to quickly restore large numbers of deleted Notes documents using scanEZ

9 Comments6 Minutes

A customer recently contacted us asking for help on an issue where one of her end-users deleted a large number of emails a few weeks earlier. An…

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Introducing replicationEZ: a quick feature tour of Ytria’s multi-server replication management tool

2 Comments12 Minutes

Ytria replicationEZ, which was released back in August, represents a significant step in the evolution of the EZ Suite toolkit for Notes/Domino…

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Investigating private views, folders and agents in Lotus Notes applications

4 Comments17 Minutes

There’s little doubt that private design elements are powerful and flexible tools for Notes developers, but at the same time, managing them and…

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The many and various ways of accessing Lotus Notes data with Ytria tools

0 Comments14 Minutes

If you’ve been using Ytria products for any length of time you’ve probably noticed that the tools are designed to run independently of your current…

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