Simplify your Microsoft 365 service management and improve your bottom line

Spending your admins’ precious time switching between customer tenants and searching for data in 11 admin centers is hurting your already shrinking margins. PowerShell has become the go-to tool but requires investment in time and training. sapio365 is a desktop application that offers a safer, simpler alternative with a single window into your customers’ Microsoft 365 environments and powerful tools to analyze and fix issues in a few clicks.

sapio365 lets you save nearly 50% of your team’s time by giving them the power to manage multiple tenants without having to sign in and out, to access all customers’ data in one place and to make changes safely on a mass scale – all without resorting to PowerShell!

Work on multiple tenants simultaneously

  • Switch quickly between tenants in one click – without signing in or out
  • Work with several live sessions or run several instances of sapio365
  • (Option) Access customer data with Partner Center credential
  • See and make changes to data both in the cloud and on-prem (hybrid)
  • Login via Microsoft authentication and MFA
  • Schedule ready-to-run automated reports across tenants

No PowerShell needed, no mistakes

  • Identify and solve your problems quickly both in the cloud and on premises (hybrid) in one place.
  • Avoid errors by previewing changes before saving them.
  • Create your own custom reports in a snap – without PowerShell.
  • Save time using automated tasks and reports or create your own!

Protect your customers’ tenants and your liability

  • Provide access to customer data to your team without sharing any customer credentials!
  • And by the way you can do all this without PowerShell and no matter if it’s in the cloud or on premises (hybrid).
  • Enrich user data with shared comments for ultimate collaboration.
  • Add ticketing information to trace troubleshooting and support.
  • Use role-based-access control (RBAC) to centrally manage access to all your tenants, both cloud and hybrid.
  • Create very granular custom roles with the exact level of access they need.
  • Reduce your overall risks with detailed logs of all actions.

Free yourself from PowerShell!

Improve your bottom line by delivering your Microsoft 365 services more efficiently with sapio365. sapio365 lets you spend more time on acquiring new customers and delighting existing ones by spending less time switching between customer tenants, searching for scattered data or writing PowerShell scripts that may or may not work.