sapio365: powered by the FlexyView

See and work with data in your Office 365 tenant in faster and easier ways thanks to sapio365’s core data scanning and manipulation engine.

Meet the FlexyView

At the heart of sapio365 is a powerful engine that scans and displays your Office 365 tenant data in a flexible, grid-based user interface.

Flexible? Yes. Because once your data is loaded into a sapio365 grid, you have total freedom to change categorization, information order, filter entries, everything.

All those “one-at-a-time” processes, centralized and enabled en-masse

Centralize all those “one-at-a-time” processes that you encounter in your daily Office 365 administration. Break through “tunnel vision” limitations of viewing data in small sectors at a time. Perform complex operations in measures of clicks and minutes, rather than hours of coding.

Ever thought of seeing all information about users, groups, sites, , the components of an entire cloud or multi-server on-prem environment, all parsed and categorized for easy viewing and management in a flexible and customizable spreadsheet-style grid display?

The FlexyView lets you easily get to the data you need, and more, often within just a few clicks.

Work with your data in faster and better ways thanks to deep, yet easy-to-use, functionality.

Powerful solutions at your fingertips

Organize your data

Organize your data through simple drag-and-drop grouping controls. Find similarities, calculate totals, sort lists, and more.

Manage your grids

Manage your grid configurations through a one-stop control panel; you'll find all the options you need to customize data readouts in one place.

Perform manual searches

Use an array of manual searches functions, including regular expression and plain text searches, to cut through the clutter and target the data you need.

Calculate group totals

Use built-in calculation functions such as configurable group-totals to deepen analysis on data categories.

Employ powerful filters

Manipulate large data sets to isolate the data you need fast thanks to a variety of filter options, including targeted value filters, regular expressions, number and date filters, and more.

Add custom annotations

Integrate virtual comments directly into the data you’re working with in your grid and use them just like any other data point.

Sort lists instantly

Sort data lists of any size in only a single click.

Freeze grid columns

Freeze grid columns to bring better visibility and handling to large data sets just like in popular spreadsheets.

Create pre-set configurations

Set and save your configurations and preferences—recall them at any time.

Generate pivot tables

Intersect data sets of any size through the built-in pivot table generator. Understand trends and relations across your defined data.

Compare data in unique ways

Perform visual comparison analyses on even the most complex data sets thanks to the flexYview-exclusive Data Comparator, offering functionality not found in any other product.

Automate your processes

Expand the scope of your processes through powerful automation scripts; program your own tasks from the ground up, or record actions to build upon.

Report your data with copy/paste simplicity

Get your data from the grid into a spreadsheet with copy/paste simplicity—reporting has never been easier or more versatile.

Report in pre-formatted documents

Create reports in pre-set document format options to ensure they meet standard file requirements.