Get started with sapio365

Here’s what you need to know to install sapio365 and begin getting to know your tenant like only sapio365 can show you.

1. Download

Click on the download link in your confirmation email.

2. Install

Run and follow the instructions in the installer package.

3. Register and go

Start and register sapio365. Then begin exploring your Office 365 tenant.

Start exploring your tenant here.

sapio365 Home screen

Which session type should I choose?

What you’ll be able to do in sapio365 depends on a combination of your user rights and the session type you use.

If you are NOT an admin, start with a Standard session—it is usable right “out of the box.” For other sessions, admin consent is required. You can always request consent in the meantime.

Standard session

Users can access all their own data including:

  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Drive items and their permissions
  • Group listings, group owners, and memberships
  • Calendar events for accessible mailboxes
  • Site and site list information

Advanced session

Additional access (according to user rights):

  • All users' directory properties/info
  • Memberships of hidden groups
  • Group conversations and extended group information
  • All calendar events for public groups and private groups you have access to
  • All drive items you have access to through groups, sites, or user sharing

Advanced session with elevated privileges

Additional access (with full permissions assigned):

  • Complete account info for all users
  • All mail for all users, including attachments
  • All mailbox settings for all mailboxes
  • All drive items for all groups, users, and sites
  • All calendar information for all users and groups
  • All SharePoint site information, including lists and list items
  • All contacts for all users

No admin consent required

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Admin consent required

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Admin consent required

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