Why is sapio365 making me sign-in and grant permissions? Is this secure?

When first launching sapio365 with either a Standard or Advanced session, you are asked to sign-in with your Microsoft Office 365 credentials. If the authentication is successful and if you are allowed to consent to applications, you will then be prompted by Microsoft to grant ‘app consent’ to sapio365. This Microsoft dialog says: “This app would like to: ”, followed by a list of permissions.
The consent you give is strictly between the sapio365 app and your tenant. And since sapio365 is installed on your computer, this means that your data NEVER goes through any third-party servers.


Your data remains between your computer and your tenant – it never passes through external servers


Your consent only applies to this instance of sapio365 – it will not be accessible to other instances of sapio365


Your consent only works within your current tenant rights


There are two types of consent when managing applications in Microsoft Azure Active Directory:

  1. User Consent, or consent provided by an end user
  2. Admin Consent, or consent provided by an administrator

When launching a Standard session for the first time, the application requires a one-time user consent for sapio365 to access your data.
You can think of giving user consent as saying: “Connect to my Office 365 resources“.

When launching an Advanced session for the first time, the application requires a one-time admin consent for sapio365 to access Office 365 data. Only users with a Global Administrator role in the Office 365 organization can give consent to the application.

Global admins can also give that consent on behalf of all users in the organization. Therefore users do not have to provide additional consent, and the application can access signed-on users’ resources immediately.
You can think of giving admin consent as saying: “Sign my organization up to use this application”

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