sapio365 v1.6 is here!

Ease your administration woes with the ability to schedule comprehensive reports directly from sapio365 and get notified by mail with the results. You’ll also experience greater control of sapio365 RBAC, more meaningful loading dialogs, the ability to upload files from your pc and lots more – update sapio365 today or download it below!

Top new features

Easily schedule reports

Create and launch scheduled tasks directly from the Job Center Configuration window. No need to open the Windows Task Scheduler. Presets offer a one-time setup which can then be reused for repeating job schedules. You can even choose to receive the report by email.

Control access to RBAC, comments and user activity logs

Global admins can now delegate sapio365 administration roles. Assigned users can now oversee the management of sapio365 role-based access control (RBAC), all comments, and all user activity logs without being global administrators.

Upload files or folders

Need to upload some files to several SharePoint Online document libraries or users’ OneDrives? Simply select the site collection or folder to which you wish to upload, and then choose a file or folder from your pc.

General additions and enhancements

Along with some minor fixes and improvements that smooth out the user experience, the following general changes are noteworthy because they have an important impact on how you use sapio365.

Loading dialogs are more meaningful

We’re always working on reducing loading periods but sometimes waiting becomes inevitable when dealing with big data volumes. We’ve added more information and counters in the loading dialog so that you understand what’s being processed and how much is left to go through.

Enrich comments with Javascript

Grid comments can now interpret Javascript. This extends operations beyond the mathematical expressions that were initially implemented to process data from other columns.

Ready to Schedule

New Jobs Added

Trace email…

Looking for emails with a specific string in the subject line? Run this job to search through every mailbox – specify a date range to speed things up! It’s the equivalent of hunting for emails without the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) license.

Find all 0 byte files in SharePoint libraries

Sometimes files can become corrupt. Run this job to scour your sites for these 0 bytes files – a must for SharePoint Online migrations! You can schedule this report on a recurrent basis to keep an eye out for these files in your site libraries.

Update Users & Groups cache

Keep your Users and Groups cache in sapio365 always up-to-date by scheduling this job to run recurrently in your off hours. If you’re working with a large volume of users or groups, you’ll appreciate the freshness of your cached information when launching sapio365.

Find Teams where members can add, edit or delete channels

If you want to make sure members of your Teams don’t have the ability to change channels, run this job to find Teams with settings set to allow the addition, deletion or editing channels.

What’s new in reports

Limit Sign-in or Audit log entries

Similar to messages, loading the full extent of Audit logs and Sign-ins can take a long time if there is a high level of activity in the tenant. Choose to load only a week’s worth to keep your data manageable. You can always request more later.

Up to date usage reports

The Usage Reports module now adapts as new attributes are added (or deprecated) by Microsoft. So if new column properties become available in a usage report in Office 365, you’ll see it in the sapio365 usage report of the same name.


New Jobs Added

Trace email…

Just like its scheduled version, this job searches selected users’ mailboxes for a specific string. Don’t forget to specify a date range to get results quicker.

List owned teams for selected users

Whether you’re looking to replace Teams owners who are leaving the company or to generate a Teams ownership report for certain individuals, this shortcut gets you a view of all the teams these selected users own.

What’s new in Users & Groups

Force change password on next sign-in with MFA

You now have the option to require users to sign in using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when you reset their passwords. The next time they log into their Office 365 account, they’ll be required to use additional credentials before they can change their password.

See which Teams are archived

We’ve added a new “is archived” property column in the Groups module so that you can see which Teams are set as archived.


New Jobs Added

Find last date groups were emailed…

This job can answer questions like “Are my distribution groups being used?”. It searches mailboxes of the members of the selected groups and zooms in on the last email sent to each group. The sent date is then added in a comments column in the Groups module.

Find Teams where members can add, edit or delete channels

Just like the scheduled job, run this job in Groups to get a list of Teams with settings that allow the addition, deletion or edition of channels.

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