How to manage OneDrive document sharing

What we’ll cover

  • Get a secure overview of multiple users’ OneDrive directories
  • Learn to mitigate document access during user off-boarding
  • Manage OneDrive permissions and find sensitive data shared (with) outside the organization
  • Measure OneDrive adoption
  • Analyze documents shared within groups and SharePoint sites, including their permissions
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You don’t need to be afraid to let your users share OneDrive files

It’s easy to lock down external file sharing in your organization in the name of security with the native tools in Office 365. However, most would agree that this goes against the grain of collaboration which is one of the key benefits of deploying Office 365.

What if you could have a complete overview of folder and file-level permissions and sharing status of all OneDrive files for all your users and groups? Or see which documents have been shared externally and how – be it with authenticated guests or with anonymous read and edit links.

In just under 30 minutes, we’ll show you how you can get a quick overview of all OneDrive files stored and shared by your users in your Office 365 environment. You’ll learn how to remain in control of sensitive data in the OneDrive directories of your users, your Office 365 groups, and your SharePoint Online libraries.