How to manage your purchased Office 365 licenses

Topics include

  • Mass onboarding and offboarding users
  • Eliminating duplicate service plans
  • Group-based licensing
  • Identifying unused/wasted licenses
  • Cost optimization of project-based licenses
  • Delegating license management and reporting
  • Assigning license quotas by country, department, etc.
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Effective management of user licenses in Office 365 has an important impact on the user experience and more directly, on the total cost of ownership of Office 365. Customers enjoy the many benefits of a platform that is constantly evolving. The integration of new features usually means changes to licensing offers. So customers need to maximize the value of their subscriptions by revising what they have against what’s new.

In this 30-minute webinar we’ll cover common scenarios that our customers faced because of changes within their organization and the changing Office 365 service landscape, and how these issues were resolved using sapio365. You’ll come away with new ways to solve hidden and potential issues.