Optimize The Cost Of Your Microsoft 365 Licenses

Statistics confirm that, on average, 10% to 30% of all Microsoft 365 licenses are either unused, underutilized or unassigned. This represents a lot of lost $$ per year. Ytria offers a very simple way to remedy this situation and help you better leverage your investment.

This webinar recording demonstrates:

  • Audit your users’ licensing situation in one-click
  • Find and remove licenses of blocked users
  • Manage assignments for group-based licensing
  • Identify inactive users and update their license assignments
  • Set license allocation quotas and delegate license management

0:00 Introduction

1:17 Agenda

6:12 Unassigned licenses

15:48 Wrongfully assigned licenses

25:38 Licenses assigned via groups

29:57 Underutilized licenses

40:32 Delegating a role to manage licenses (example: within a department)

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