Are your day-to-day Microsoft 365 challenges ruining your productivity?

Are you struggling to find information in your tenant, clicking in ever-changing portals to try and fix things? Do you hate having to rely on labour-intensive PowerShell scripts?

Wouldn’t you love to avoid the delays and guesswork that lead to lowered productivity, increased security risks and organizational disruption?

There’s a better way and it’s called sapio365

sapio365 is a software solution that gives you 3 abilities that act as building blocks that enable you to solve Microsoft 365 challenges you thought were impossible.

sapio365 effect:

  • Ultra-efficiency
  • Lower security exposure
  • Maximized investment in Microsoft 365

Ability #1

20/20 Vision & 100% control

Keep up with the expansion of the business

  • See all the data across your tenants without loosening your security standards
  • Access and evaluate all your information to reveal business priorities
  • Make decision-making simpler, quicker and more reliable

The result:

  • Handle the ever-growing number of service requests
  • Resolve your issues without having to depend on experts

Ability #2

Proactive problem tracking & isolation

Ensure compliance

  • Identify and isolate security risks and unethical behaviours that are now visible
  • Stop looking for the needle in the haystack – easily drill down deep to find the specific piece of information you need
  • Stop wasting time writing or searching for PowerShell scripts

The result:

  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies and government regulations that continuously change
  • Stop having to worry about the shortage and availability of IT experts

Ability #3

Prevent issues and take mass actions safely

Act fast without needing experts

  • Streamline tasks and make multiple changes at the same time
  • Solve the challenges you thought were impossible to solve
  • Confidently resolve issues without making damaging errors

The result:

  • Continuously standardize and simplify your processes
  • Act quickly in deadline-driven or crisis situations

With these 3 abilities, you’ll become an ultra-effective IT department, lower security exposure, and maximize the productivity and investment promise of Microsoft 365

Are these the type of challenges that are ruining your productivity?

The wrong click leads to a crisis situation

The challenge

Imagine that over the weekend an employee clicked on a suspicious link and his account was used to send malicious emails to all 500 employees, including the CFO. The CFO expects your department to contain and cleanup everyone’s mailbox by end of day.

Going into each mailbox will take days and using PowerShell to tackle this project could be risky.

  • You may miss some emails or remove important emails by mistake.
  • You must act quickly because once an account has been taken over, it will send emails to other users and will appear to be legitimate.
  • When a high-level employee’s account is compromised then sensitive information is at risk of being leaked.

How we help

What to do? With sapio365, now that you have 20/20 vision & 100% control of M365, you have a complete and extensive view of all the affected inboxes in one place.

You easily identify the malicious email in each inbox because you can proactively track problems and isolate them.

Finally, you’ll be able to prevent issues and take action safely by permanently deleting it with one click before any further damage can be done.

What you’ll gain

Boom! You’ve become an ultra-efficient IT department, accomplishing this in a fraction of the time it would have taken without sapio365.

And… you’ve mitigated the risk associated with malicious emails and Trojan Horses that wiggle their way through the email security system you have in place.

Avoid damaging errors from mass changes

The challenge

Your company has rebranded, and you must now deploy a managed email signature solution for your company that includes certifications, pronouns and social media links. Directory data drives these solutions.

Determining what data you have, what is missing and what data you need to change is a time-consuming exercise. PowerShell scripts can do this but are prone to error and those errors are difficult to correct because they may be hidden.

  • The rebrand will not be as successful without consistency in the new email signatures, and people will be sharing the wrong contact information.
  • The risk of corrupting the directory will have a negative impact on the business’ security.

How we help

What to do? With your new 20/20 vision & 100% control of M365, you’ll be able to see the information in your directory and the on-premise AD, all in one place.

sapio365 helps you quickly identify invalid and missing information within three clicks.

Finally, you simply update the data in a few clicks, and even automate the complete process without PowerShell scripting.

What you’ll gain

Your IT department will shine as you deliver on requests in record time and avoid any directory corruption from manual entry or PowerShell scripts. The standardized email signatures will enhance branding efforts without any demands on non-IT employees.