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Better group management for your entire Office 365 tenant

sapio365 lets you work with all Teams, Office 365 groups, distribution lists, and security groups in your tenant, easily, and with total visibility.

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Working with groups, simplified

Central access to all group data

With sapio365, you get complete, central access to all group information in your tenant, no matter how many groups your business has.

Easy membership management

sapio365 provides the fastest, most insightful way to work with group memberships. Access and modify any number of group memberships in mere clicks.

Fast administration, no coding

There's no need to code anything with sapio365. Work with all group data in one central place with point-and-click ease.

Power to control group sprawl in your Office 365 environment

Office 365 gives each user the power to create and organize their own. And this means an endless number of groups possible, with an endless combination of members—multiplying exponentially the larger a business becomes.

You can waste a lot of valuable time trying to get a good overview of group memberships, which groups are needed, and which groups are just creating clutter. Normally you've got two options: the online portal to take care of smaller jobs, or coding scripts for larger-scale work.

sapio365 can help.

Power to cut group clutter in your Office 365 environment.

Manage groups faster and more accurately with sapio365


Work with any type of group

Teams, Office 365 groups, security groups, distribution lists … all information is available in just a few clicks.


Get 360-degree visibility

View group information—like memberships and properties—from any angle you want.


Monitor group conversations

Easily view and search through conversations and posts for any number of groups.


Back up group OneDrive content

Perform fast and complete backups of all OneDrive files for any number of groups.


Skip the coding, work faster

Do even the most complex administration tasks in only a few clicks. No PowerShell needed.


Insight at the push of a button

sapio365 comes with a full range of group administration scenarios—such as finding groups without owners or groups about to expire—pre-programmed for you.

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Did you know sapio365 is FREE for small businesses with up to 50 Office 365 users?

sapio365 is your one-stop solution for group management.

sapio365's Group Members interface with multiple users being added to multiple groups
Use #5

Ensure group and Team memberships are in order.

sapio365 lets you get a complete overview of the all group members in one place. And thanks to the built-in data tools, such as categorization and filters, you can arrange all of this to clearly spot if group memberships are correct. What`s more, you can fix any problems by adding or removing any number of users to any number of groups or Teams at once.

Use #11

Your offline backups of OneDrive files just got easier.

Thanks to sapio365's download access for OneDrive files, downloads from the simple (just a few) to the complex (a full group archival project) are only a matter of a few clicks.

sapio365's OneDrive file view with the files of multiple groups selected and being downloaded at once
sapio365's Group Conversations view with a conversation selected and posts shown and previewed
Use #19

Make sure group conversation posts are getting delivered properly.

In any organization with a decent number of active groups, getting a handle on exactly who is sending and receiving what can be a real hassle. With sapio365 you can see a full overview of conversation information even down to each conversation's unique senders and their individual posts. It's a breeze to cross-check and ensure all communications are flowing as they should.