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Total vision and control for Microsoft Teams

sapio365 is your one-stop solution to manage all things Microsoft Teams. Members, settings, content, conversations, etc. You have everything right at your fingertips, in only a few clicks.

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Better Microsoft Team management starts here.

Complete vision for Teams

sapio365 provides total insight into all aspects of Teams, all in one central tool.

Easy administration, no coding

Get to the heart of Team data in only a few clicks—not coding—for fast, easy administration of all aspects of Teams.

Keep Teams going strong

sapio365 lets you reliably manage all complexities of Teams in a way that isn't complex at all, so Teams never become a hassle.

Your Teams management: faster, unified, more insightful

Managing Teams can involve a hefty amount of work; a lot of the same pitfalls with managing groups still apply, but with an extra layer of complexity added on top.

Common tasks like seeing which Teams exist in a tenant, viewing their activity, and seeing who is in charge (owners) of specific Teams often become quite time consuming because the online tools require multiple steps, and working through scripts has its own problems.

sapio365 can help with all of this.

Your Teams management: faster, unified, more insightful.

Take care of your tenant's Teams with sapio365


Know which Teams exist in your tenant

Quickly isolate all Teams in your tenant so you can concentrate your efforts where it matters.


View all Team settings at once

Get a clear and insightful overview of all Team properties and settings in one place for easy, action-enabled reporting.


Keep track of Team activity

See channels and messages for any number of Teams at once, for a powerful vantage point over current Team activity.


Make sure Teams have proper moderation

Easily isolate any Teams without owners assigned to them, to make sure that they aren't just sitting uncontrolled or unused.


Monitor all Team OneDrive content

With quick access to any number of Teams' OneDrive files, you'll be able to search, backup, change file permissions, and more on any number of files in only a few clicks.


Skip the coding, work faster

Do even the most complex Team administration tasks in only a few clicks. No PowerShell needed.


Insight at the push of a button

sapio365 comes with an ever growing bank of Team-related tasks—such as finding all Teams and showing their members—pre-programmed for you.

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Did you know sapio365 is FREE for small businesses with up to 50 Office 365 users?

sapio365 means fast & easy Microsoft Teams management.

sapio365's delivery management lets you add any number of delivery restrictions to any number of recipients at once
Use #14

Stop wasting time adding delivery restriction rules one recipient at a time.

Get expanded visibility and direct access to manage delivery restrictions en masse. Easily add rejected (or accepted) senders to any number of recipient groups at once

Use #27

Know the full delivery restriction situation for all groups in your tenant.

Get a "dynamic snapshot" of the all delivery restrictions for all groups in your tenant, in only a few clicks. Report the situation, or act on it, fast!

sapio365's Delivery Management view showing the delivery restriction status for all groups
sapio365's Delivery Management view with multiple delivery restrictions selected ready to delete.
Use #34

Keep your tenant's group communications flowing smoothly.

sapio365 lets you get rid of restrictions that shouldn't be there, or add in those that are missing, on any scale, tenant wide, so you can keep your tenant's groups receiving the communications that they should.